How to deal with stubborn children?

Handling a stubborn child is really a big battle for parents as making them do even everyday tasks like eating a meal, taking a bath, or going to bed early is a challenging task. Parents sometimes unknowingly motivate adamant behavior of their children by paying heed to their tantrums.

An ideal way to deal with such type of children is to ignore them and show them that their stubborn behavior isn't working.

Tips To Deal with A Stubborn Child Are

  1. Be a good listener, don't argue with them.

  2. Don't force your kids to do something they don't like.

  3. Give your stubborn child options, not directives.

  4. Stay calm, don't shout out loud.

  5. Respect their opinions and suggestions.

  6. Beware of your body language, tone, and vocabulary you use when dealing with stubborn children.

  7. If you want them to listen to you, negotiate with them.

  8. Create a peaceful environment at home as it can affect the mood and behavior of your stubborn child.

  9. Understand the perspective of your child. Try to think about what they must be going through to behave in such an abnormal way.

  10. To control their aggression and anger, reinforce the positive attitude.

Your stubborn child may say “NO" to almost everything you ask them to do. But don't react without thinking. Put yourself in his/her shoes and try to imagine their situation. The more you know your child, the better you can deal with them.

A smart strategy to change your stubborn kid's behavior is the 'YES' game. Questions like “You like chocolates, isn’t it?”, “Do you love ice cream?". Try to get more “Yes” from your child. The more times he reacts positively, the more he/she is likely to feel appreciated and heard.