How to Contact YouTube support

YouTube is an incredibly big and diverse platform widely used these days. The various services given by it are video-sharing, YouTube TV, YouTube Premium services, and a lot more. One cannot even imagine the number of problems or issues that are faced. Being such a considerate social platform, the YouTube help center is one such place that tries to solve almost all queries. It has nearly all the problems and the solutions to them. YouTube customer service is always on its toes to solve issues in minutes. One can contact them through emailing, fax, social media or simply calling on the YouTube customer support number.

Let’s study them one by one −

How To Email YouTube?

If facing issues drop them an email regarding it. Don’t expect an instant reply after email. Also, one can reach the YT support team by mail at For a specific issue like copyright claims or legal support, one can reach out to the respective emails −

Copyright Contact Information:

Legal support:

How To Contact YouTube Support over fax?

If the mail is not answered, for more than a week, then try to fax the YT customer service team through fax number 1 650 872 8513.

How To Contact YouTube Customer Service over call?

One can also reach the YouTube support team by calling them. The query will be answered instantly, with the help of a customer support number. If the calls go unanswered, do not be surprised as there is a lot of network traffic. Call them again. Here’s a list of numbers according to different regions

YouTube Customer Service: (650)623-4000

United States: 1-877-687-9209

Canada: 1-800-852-9990

Australia: 1800-049-754

United Kingdom: 44-0800-169-0484

Philippines: 1800-1110-1298

India: 1800-419-6349

How to take help on general Topics via YouTube Support

YouTube provides help on general topics. The steps for this are − Open

All the issues are listed. One can also get community help, by clicking on the links.

How to take help from YouTube Help Forum

YouTube had made a help forum for helping viewers with everyday support. One can use it by following the steps below −

Sign in to your YouTube channel and click on your profile picture.

Step 1 − Go at the right-hand side of the page, and scroll down.

Step 2 − Click on the Help.

Step 3 − All the issues and help are flashed, select your issue or search it.

How to contact through social media channels


Without a shadow of a doubt, whether a video viewer or a video creator, the best way to get the quickest response from YouTube is through their Twitter account i.e., the @TeamYouTube Twitter account.

As one can see, YouTube reply to questions quickly and are always keen to help viewers and creator. Support is provided in nine languages through them and operates 24 hours a day.


YouTube also have a Facebook account. YouTube post videos frequently on it and interacts with Facebook users.

When Should You Get in Touch with The YouTube Customer Service?

YouTube offers support on various topics and has a good support team dedicated to helping us out. Let’s talk about the different categories where YouTube provide help −

The media relations of YouTube

  • The room of press

This area contains media contact information, press releases, b-roll footage, FAQs, and interactive timelines about YouTube.

  • Join the partner program

If anybody is interested in joining the YouTube Partner Program, then they have landed on the best platform. If one has a small business and is looking for places to promote the work, then YouTube is the place for this. This social media platform helps to expand the business empire and provides the best deals and income. The queries related to the partner program are solved.

The problem that consists of advertising on YouTube can be solved here. One can gain more insight on advertising topics through YouTube customer help.

Security issues

  • Abuse Issues

The customer service YouTube has specialization for any kind abuse related issues that one can be facing, so please contact YouTube for the Abuse and Policy Centre.

  • Site Security Issues

If anyone, in any case, wants to report a security issue with the YouTube site. One can contact YouTube's customer service phone number at any time.

Legal issues

  • Grievance Mechanism

If anyone faces any issue and wants to file a legal complaint against the content published on YouTube under moral laws, one can visit the Grievance Mechanism page. One can use the Grievance Mechanism help of YouTube to lodge complaints on a range of issues such as −


Copyright Infringement



Sexual content

  • Inappropriate Content

To report an inappropriate video on YouTube, one can click the "Flag" link under the video. The customer service YouTube would always be ready to help its audiences and creators.


Since it is now known to all of you how to contact YouTube. Use any method whether be customer service or on social media platforms and be patient in getting your query answered.