How to catch someone who is cheating online?

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Although cheating can be in different forms, for instance, having a sexual relationship, emotional affairs, etc., building illicit relationships online is a trend these days. Thanks to the advances in technology, people are a bit remorseful about cheating online. While one's activities and behavior can give you clear indications of whether your partner is cheating on you or not. In such cases, talking to them straight away about it should be the best solution. But, how do you identify if your partner is cheating on you online?

Monitoring Your Partner's Actions

A partner or spouse when cheating will definitely exhibit a difference in behavior that includes being physically secluded or disinterested in sex. Keep a close check on his/her online like, closing the browser as soon as you are inside the room, spending a lot of time online even after you have gone to bed, seeking privacy when using their computer, etc.

Note down your partner's activities like phone calls, travels, internet activity, late nights, etc. You should be prepared for the situation when you find out your partner had been cheating like, have a confidante, keep a record of their online conversations, click a photo of the chats, consult a family lawyer, or take help from family or friends.

Observing Your Partner's Online Activity

Check the browser history whenever the partner is not around to check what websites have been visited, their email messages (if you have the password), engage with your partner online using a fake profile, install a keylogger program on their system to track all keystroke actions, or use a software on your partner's mobile phone that works as a surveillance system.

Keeping Check on His Mobile

Check for numbers that you don't know, check their text messages, install GPS tracking software to monitor his whereabouts, or check if he/she is using any other sim card.

Updated on 27-Apr-2022 05:33:39