How to build a wireless home network without a router

Setting up a wireless internet connection without router is usually done using adhoc network. It is a latin phrase sometimes used to describe a quick fix which can be temporary. Small businesses generally establish ad-hoc computer to computer network, if they do not have access to a router. They use a wireless internet session to do different works like checking email, attending a web-based meeting or browsing the web for a short period of time.

Ad-hoc Network

Many are unaware that, if they have Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows XP installed in their system, they can build their own wireless network connection at home and even in office without having a wireless access point or wireless broadband router. This helps save money, building this kind of network is also referred as Ad-hoc network.

Security Type

In the text box, labeled as “give the network a name and choose the security options” enter a name for your ad hoc network. From the drop-down list, select the “security type” either WEP or WPA2. Choose WPA2 instead of WEP as WEP is older security and it is less secure when compared to latter. However, there is a drawback that WPA2 may not work with older wireless network adapters. If one is unsure and wish to learn more about different security type, click on the button, “help me choose”

Security Key

In the security key field, create a passphrase. This security key should either contain 8 to 63 case-sensitive characters or 64 alpha-numeric characters, you can choose letters A through F.

Start Sharing

Once you get the confirmation, that your ad-hoc network is now available in your list of wireless network and ready to use, provide the security key as well as network name to all people, whom you would like to share it.

Prospective hardware buyers need to remember that, if they have old desktops in their homes or offices they would need to buy a wireless network card for their computer in order to connect their network to the internet wirelessly. However, if you are having new desktops or laptop computers, then please note that these are already equipped with network adapters internally. Hence, a router is not required.

To build your own wireless network –

  • A wireless network card should be installed.
  • A broadband internet connection is required.

In the market, currently there are two types of wireless network cards which are available, they include –

  • USB
  • Add-on: The add-on cards are more stable than USB.

For desktops, the add-on cards can be inserted in a PCI slot and for laptops, PC card can be used.

For Windows 7, Virtual Wi-Fi

Windows 7 users can use the Virtual Wifi feature present in the OS but all those people who are interested in setting up Ad-hoc networking, please make sure that your main computer must have ethernet based, internet connection and wireless network adapter.

In the case of Virtual WiFi, it is optional to have an Ethernet card. You can turn your laptop into a hotspot even if the laptop is connected to a Wireless network and need not have an Ethernet cable.

Updated on: 12-May-2022

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