How 1stepGrow Digital Marketing Course Can Boost Your Career Growth?

The 1stepGrow digital marketing course is a comprehensive online certification course that helps learners gain conceptual knowledge about diverse online marketing arenas. The best part about the course is it helps you to get good practical exposure to online marketing, allowing you to get an idea of how it works in the real world.

1StepGrow is a digital marketing course in India that offers project-based specialization programs and courses. The institute has a reputation for helping learners have successful career growth. In the following paragraphs, we will guide you in choosing the best digital marketing course and discuss the perks of pursuing the 1stepGrow digital marketing course.

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Course?

While choosing a digital marketing course, consider the following factors.

  • Ensure the course covers important online marketing specializations, such as SEO, SEM, content writing, blogging, social media marketing, website designing, web app development, graphic designing, data analytics, and more. The course should also help you understand the use of different SEO tools and technologies for data analytics, keyword research, etc.

  • The program you would pursue should incorporate practical training for all the major digital marketing modules discussed above. Having practical knowledge and experience in implementing these tools will help you grow as a skilled digital marketer. Besides, practical training will be helpful in real-world situations, whether you work as a digital marketing employee, serve one or more clients as a freelancer, or open your own digital marketing agency.

  • The institution should have accreditation and industry recognition. It must have a good brand reputation as well as positive ratings and testimonials from genuine learners who have enrolled in the institute earlier.

Why is 1stepGrow a Great Digital Marketing Course?

1stepGrow is a professional education and training institute offering specialized digital marketing courses to learners. It aims to share every person's or company’s vision to achieve a successful and profitable digital transformation. Furthermore, 1stepGrow’s courses align with prestigious digital marketing certificates, including Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, HubSpot, and Hootsuite.

All the 1stepGrow courses cover a vast variety of advanced technology-based subjects, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, data visualization, big data, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), cloud computing, and more. Besides, you can enjoy a flexible subscription period of 3 years, allowing you to pursue your dream courses at your own pace and flexibility.

1stepGrow courses also focus on the transition between traditional advertising and digital marketing while emphasizing the use and implementation of vital digital marketing tools. The following are the key features and benefits of pursuing a digital marketing course at 1stepGrow Institute. And if you are having budget challenges, you can avail of their hassle-free no-cost EMI facility.

Personal Mentorship

1stepGrow provides 1:1 personal mentorship facilities to help learners acquire digital marketing skills faster. Students can learn from the experts and industry leaders who have been there before and are successful in their respective niches.

Besides technical skills, the 1stepGrow digital marketing course would help you develop certain soft skills as well, including communication skills, problem-solving, adaptability, teamwork and team collaboration, multitasking, leadership, creativity, and interpersonal skills. You will require these skill sets to face several struggles in real-time.

Domain Specialization for Professional Growth

1stepGrow offers a wide range of digital marketing specializations and concentration programs to help learners grow professionally. By providing 9+ domain specialization programs on Data Analytics, AI, Data Science, etc., this Bangalore-based academy offers more sustainable career opptitnuti8es.

With a step-by-step approach, 1stepGrow’s domain specialization facility helps to shape your career by offering industry-relevant projects, expert guidance, industry-recognized certifications, and live interactive sessions. The institute also offers special training sessions by industry experts from IIT, NIT, IMT, and IIM.

Project Experience Certification

Through its live project experience facilities, 1stepGrow ensures all students can learn by working on real-world digital marketing projects. It allows them to build an outstanding profile that catches employers’ attention. The academy also delivers live training sessions from industry experts for more in-depth project guidance.

Special Classes for Non-Tech Learners

1stepGrow provides efficient 1:1 classes and discussion sessions by industry-best professionals and mentors to help non-tech students build successful careers in digital marketing. You can resolve every doubt and query in these personalized 1:1 sessions with experts. So, even if you are from a no-tech background, you can start from scratch with 1stepGrow’s expert guidance. The course will ensure a smooth transition from traditional marketing styles or non-tech advertising formats to the world of digital marketing.

Guaranteed Job Referrals

1stepGrow’s all-inclusive and advanced program ensures high-end job opportunities through referrals from your expert trainers and mentors. With its efficient project experience certificate programs, you can increase your chances of getting hired by reputable employers offering decent pay. Besides, through 1stepGrow’s 9+ domain specialization courses, you can learn everything under the digital marketing umbrella and master a domain area to become more hirable.

So, in a nutshell, the 1stepGrow’s digital marketing course allows you to −

  • Learn by doing

  • Gain practical knowledge and experience by working on real-world projects

  • Create an impressive and hirable profile

1stepGrow’s Flagship Programs

This Bengaluru-based digital marketing institute helps students switch to today’s technology-based careers by offering specialized training in diverse online marketing fields. Three of their flagship courses include −

  • Advance Digital Marketing & Data Analytics − The combination of digital marketing and data analytics has been helping firms and e-commerce markets immensely to gain a competitive edge. This short, 4-month course of 21 modules offers 10 certifications.

  • Advance Data Science & AI (Artificial Intelligence) − Data Science is a vital subject, and it has endless opportunities for data scientists. This is a dual certification, 11-month course of 15 modules, including an Introduction to Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Git & GitHub, Web Scraping using Python, Statistics and Probability for Data Science, and more.

  • Advance Data Analytics − Data Analytics is indispensable in digital marketing because of its ability to provide real-time data insights and analytical reports. This is an IBM-certified course that comes with real-time capstone projects. The range of topics included in this 6-month, 10-module course is - Core Python Programming and Python Advance, Web Scraping, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, (NLP), Big Data, and more.

Key Takeaways

To conclude, 1stepGrow’s personal mentorship programs help learners understand real-world digital marketing problems and challenges, thus learning to solve them efficiently. These challenges are unique to the specific industry or business you would work for in the upcoming days, and therefore, you need to handle them differently. So, without a second thought, jump in and pursue the career of your dreams!

Updated on: 03-Apr-2023


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