How to avoid early breast cancer?

Cancer that forms in the cells of the breasts is called Breast cancer. One must know that it is a deadly disease and care is better than cure otherwise you may cost your life.

Tips To Avoid Breast Cancer

  • Watch Your Weight: Obesity is a clear invitation to such diseases. One must pay a little heed to fitness. An overweight lady is prone not only to breast cancer but a lot of other diseases like Diabetes, Blood pressure, Hypertension, Thyroid and surprisingly even Migraine.

  • Nutritious Food: What you eat, reflects. So, if you eat well, diseases and germs will remain definitely stay at a mile’s distance from you.

  • Family History: It is very important to not only know the mother’s family history but also father's because genes come from both. Even though 85% of all breast cancer cases are caused by factors other than heredity, still that does not mean one can avoid the claims of deaths due to breast cancer caused by hereditary.

  • Family Planning: It is suggested to have children at an early age. The best is to have before 28 years. Breastfeed the child if commitments permit in order to avoid the shackles of breast cancer.

  • Avoid Stress: Stress is a slow poison. One may not even come to know, but it harms the body adversely. Join one of your favorite activity classes like dance, singing and repudiate stress.

  • Quit Smoking: If you have been smoking lately, it is time to quit it and avoid tobacco also.

  • Walk To Stay Healthy: Simply walking can fetch your miracles. Therefore, you must walk once a day at least in order to remain fit.

  • Avoid Alcohol: Just like smoking, even drinking should be avoided.

  • Get Breast Examination Done: Annual mammograms along with bi-annual tests by a trained doctor are a must after attaining puberty.

  • Rethink Oral contraceptives and Calcium supplementation.

Thus, one must remain active in order to avoid the deadly menace of breast cancer.