How to boost your YouTube Ranking with SEO?

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. YouTube videos make up eight out of the ten video search results, and the site is constantly expanding with more than 500 hours of new content being added every minute.

What can be done to make your video stand out in this sea of videos?

You can use the best practices and develop a solid YouTube SEO plan that will aid in video optimization and raise the video rankings on YouTube.

Conduct YouTube Keyword Research

The first step in the YouTube SEO process is conducting a thorough YouTube Keyword Research.

Use YouTube’s Auto Search Suggest Feature

It’s the best way to use YouTube's Auto Search Suggest feature to derive keywords of your video and make a list of all the potential keywords.

Simply visit YouTube and enter a word or phrase to get started.

For example − I will go with the keyword “Home Workout”. When you type the keyword “Home Workout” in the YouTube search bar, YouTube autosuggest feature will come up with a list of potential keywords which are generally searched by the users. These keywords can be used in your video title, filename, description and tags.

As you can see that we have a large number of keywords which are displayed by YouTube itself. We can use these suggestions to make list of potential keywords to Optimize your YouTube videos.

Visit a Popular Channel in your Niche

We can also visit a most-liked video of your topic, and then use those keywords that were used to optimize the video.

Visit a well-known channel on your topic to carry out this step. Then order the videos according to the "Most Popular" category.

For example − I went to the Fitness blender YouTube channel and sorted all the videos by the Most Popular category. Here is the list −

Check out any one of the videos from the Most Popular Category. You can use the keywords present in the titles and descriptions and use the same in your video.

Post High Retention Videos

Audience Retention is the percentage of your video that viewers continue to watch. Additionally, YouTube has publicly acknowledged that "Audience Retention" is a HUGE ranking component.

If you want your videos to rank high on YouTube search results, you need to produce high retention videos.

In order to produce high retention videos, you must focus on these points −

Content is King

Select your video topics wisely and present it in an understandable and pleasant way. No need of expensive cameras. You can shoot amazing YouTube videos, even with a smart phone.

For eg − Garima’s Good Life is a YouTube channel where she shoots all her videos with a mobile phone, but her videos receive lakhs of views.


Ask for comments and reply to every comment. When people are leaving comments, it sends a strong message to YouTube that people are enjoying your video and YouTube ranks your video on top list.


It is a HUGE sign that you have a great video when someone subscribes to your YouTube channel after watching it.

What is the greatest method for increasing YouTube subscribers? At the beginning or the end of the video, you can ask your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel and click on the notification bell icon.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

"Click-through-rate" is the proportion of users who click on your video/ result (CTR). Obviously, the better the clicks are, the higher your CTR.

In other words, you want people who are searching your domain topics on YouTube to click on your video.

When YouTube sees that many users are clicking on your video, they decide to move your video up in the YouTube search results.

For instance, on YouTube, if I search for the keyword "Lose Belly Fat," I’m getting a CultfitOfficial video about "Lose Belly Fat in 7 Days Challenge" in the top results. Obviously, you will click on this video as it is ranked # 1 in the YouTube search results

But in order to rank in search results and to increase your CTR rate, you must create compelling and SEO-friendly video thumbnails and optimise your title around the specified keyword.

Here Cultfit has optimized its title around the keyword “Lose Belly Fat” Whenever you type the keyword “Lose Belly Fat” you will get Cultfit video in #1 position.

Updated on: 27-Jul-2022


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