How should a newly wedded bride behave in a new environment?

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Adjusting to a new environment, especially for the newly wedded bride can be really challenging. It’s a whole new world altogether with completely new faces and personalities to deal with. The woman is all of a sudden in an environment that’s alien to her and she is out of her usual comfort zone. She is confused as to how to behave that would make her and others feel comfortable. There’s nothing to panic if you keep a few things in mind.

  • The basic thing that a bride must do is to be cordial with everyone. Keep panic away, stay calm, and try not to impress everyone right away. Simply, be yourself and behave respectfully with all around you.

  • Get to know the family members by getting into the conversation.

  • Be a part of the new household and start thinking of it as your own. Be a part of the family discussions and take interest in things like house décor, household budget, and so on. However, make sure that you consult your in-laws before you make any changes.

  • Your mom-in-law has been taking care of the house till now and so, she is the one who would know in depth about all members of the house, including your husband. Try and speak to her just as would do with your mom, befriend her, and pay her the due respect. Treat her chiding as your parents would have done at times. Accept it as an elderly behavior and do not come to conclusions so fast.

  • Being close to your father in law is equally important as being close to your mother-n -law. Simply, take the lead and feel the difference. Talk to him, go for a walk and ask him about your husband’s childhood, and feel the instant connection.

  • Your sister or brother-in-law can easily be your best friends in the household. They are the ones who will go that extra mile to make you feel comfortable at home. So, open up with them and have fun discussing their childhood tales. This will not just help you to connect with them, but also know your husband better.

Published on 01-Feb-2019 11:22:54