How reliable are the products of Himalaya brand?

Be it beauty or food-related brand, it can be put to question anytime. We all remember the brawl of Nestle Maggi and Patanjali Gau Mutra. However, there is one brand, which has gained a lot of appreciation and trust in the past a few years and that is Himalaya.

Products of Himalaya Brand

Himalaya Herbals is a range of natural herbal personal care products spanning Health Care, Skin Care, Hair Care and Baby Care.

  • Beauty products such as Himalaya Neem Facewash , Himalaya Tulsi Facewash, Himalaya walnut scrub, Himalaya lip balm etc.

  • Hair care products such as Himalaya shampoo, Himalaya oil, Himalaya serum

  • Health products such as therapeutics, wellness products, prescription pharmaceuticals, and oral health products for men, women, and children

How Reliable are Himalaya Products?

It is claimed by Himalaya that their commodities are produced in the most hygienic conditions with special emphasis given on no use of chemicals. As per ORG data, Himalaya stands number 1 among herbal pharmaceutical companies in India.

  • In the case of beauty products, no brand is completely reliable. It matters what suits your particular skin type. For example, some reviews claim the removal of pimples by application of Himalaya Neem facewash. But I have had a bitter experience with regard to that. I prefer Himalaya Tulsi facewash as it keeps my skin smooth.

  • In the case of health products, I believe proper consultation has to be done with a doctor.

All and all, one should well research on whatever brand one chooses for beauty or health care. Blind faith in any product is inadvisable.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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