How is pseudo dementia different from dementia?

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Mental disorders trouble many people nowadays. The signs and symptoms of one disorder have a very subtle difference with the other disorder usually. Therefore, an expert may be able to put across the differences between these. But, here we manage to enlist the differences between two serious mental ailments- Pseudo dementia and Dementia.

Differences between Pseudo Dementia and Dementia

  • Dementia is an ailment in which there are mental problems such as memory loss. Pseudo means false or apparent. Pseudo Dementia thus mimics Dementia. It is similar to dementia, but not exactly the same.

  • The popular examples of Dementia are Alzheimer’s disease while the popular example of Pseudo Dementia is depression which is a mental disorder that includes a depressed mood lasting nearly two weeks or so, in which patient does not feel like doing anything. No hopes and no ambition left.

  • The two may be differentiated on the basis of cognitive abilities. Usually the resolution of the cognitive difficulties after a medical trial of antidepressant medicine indicates depression and not a progressive dementia.

  • Pseudo dementia is not permanent, as it is based on mood which is based on events that happen on a daily basis in one’s lives, but Dementia is unlike the former, more of a lasting disease.

  • The treatment of both may be more or less the same, but Pseudo Dementia has more complex and varied set of symptoms, so its diagnosis is more difficult than Dementia

Whatsoever the disease be, these ailments can be treated if a person is strong willed. It is said that ”Where there is a will, there is a way.” If there is support of near and dear ones, one can defeat such disorders.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24