How is bipolar disorder different from unipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder and unipolar disorder are the two lifestyle-related disorders, which are the gifts of the cut-throat competition and stress. These may not be very well contrasted but only compared since a very thin line of difference exists between them, and that too because of the subtle difference in the symptoms.

‘Uni’ means one and ‘Bi’ means two. So, the first major difference lies in the literal meaning itself- one pole and two poles respectively.

  • The unipolar disorder is a depression in other words. While Bipolar disorder is depression along with mania. Mania means a state of disorder which witnesses high levels of craziness and whimsical behavior.

  • Unipolar disorder’s patients have their moods stabilized on their own. While the same does not happen with those of bipolar disorder.

  • Bipolar disorder can be difficult to diagnose because it looks so similar to depression when someone is sad.

  • Symptoms of the unipolar disorder may include suicidal thoughts, unhappy times, low morale, lack of interest in daily activities, lack of sleep, loss of weight, sudden weight gain and others.

  • Symptoms of Bipolar disorder include the family history of bipolar, repeated maniac episodes, Erratic or impulsive attitude, racing thoughts or fast speech, agitation, and others.

Hence, it is very important to be true to one’s counselor and open the heart in front of him in order to get proper treatment.