How does the newly invented ‘Medicated Skin Patch’ helps to reduce extra fat from our body?

Okay, so as weird it may sound, it’s indeed true. Yes, scientists have gifted us a medicated skin patch off-late that claims to burn the excess body fat from wherever you wish to apply it. Although it may sound too good be true, this is a reality. So, how does it work?

  • The patch they say can melt unwanted pockets of fat called as “love handles”. This then targets the metabolic disorders such as diabetes and obesity.

  • Unlike the pills and injections that promote browning and causes side-effects like weight gain, stomach upset, etc., the medical patch seems to ease these complications by transferring most of the medicine to the fat tissues directly.

  • The patch features a layer of microscopic needles that are loaded with nanoparticles. Each nanoparticle measures around 250 nanometers in diameter.

  • These nanoparticles are then loaded into a square-shaped skin patch with the microscopic needles.

  • This is then applied to the skin that painlessly goes through the skin and allows the medicine to move through the underlying tissue via the nanoparticles.

  • The nanoparticles are specially designed to hold the medicines effectively that slowly gets released into the tissues nearby in a proper manner. It works its way through gradually instead of getting spread across the body quickly.

The patches are believed to contain chemical compounds like rosiglitazone or CL316243 that helped reduce 20% fat on one side of the mice. It’s a safe and effective way of treating obesity and other metabolic conditions like diabetes. It offers an alternative to liposuction with a non-invasive procedure that helps reduce love handles.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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