How does Sandalwood Oil help the skin?

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Skincare is a major beauty concern. Using natural oils helps in many ways in protecting our skin. Among all those, sandalwood oil is the most trusted and beneficial oil, having no side effects. Sandalwood oil is famously used to reduce skin irritation and rashes. The scars on the skin also get faded away with regular use. This oil works great for hyper-pigmentation as well.

Sandalwood oil can be used directly or by mixing with any other oils or powders for cleansing or tan removing. The aromatic flowers such as rosemary, lavender, ylang-ylang, rose, myrrh, geranium, and tulip can also be added to sandalwood oil for increasing the therapeutic value of the oil. This oil mixture can be used in the treatment of a Migraine headache, fatigue etc.

How to use

  • Massage a few drops of Sandalwood Oil to your face and take hot water steam covering your head with a towel.

  • Applying a little bit of sandalwood oil on wet hair will help restore moisture and give hair a silky shine.

  • Rubbing Sandalwood oil on palms and inhaling directly will reduce the tensions and migraines.

  • Massage 1-2 drops of oil on your face along with your regular night cream or moisturizer to reduce wrinkles.

  • Use as a hair oil mixing 2-3 drops of sandalwood oil added to several drops of coconut oil and apply to reduce dryness or hair.

Benefits for Skin

  • Sandalwood oil makes the skin bright and clear

  • Helps in cleansing and leaves the skin flawless

  • Skin irritation and infections can be cured

  • Rash, itching, and scaling of skin can also be reduced

  • Sandalwood oil helps the skin from aging

  • Can be used as an antiseptic agent

  • Skin toning and body odor are maintained

  • It also acts as a germicide and disinfectant

A bottle of pure sandalwood would help in many ways protecting the beauty and also the health. This oil helps in controlling blood pressure, tensions, stress, anxiety and helps boost memory. It also keeps the infections away and improves renal health.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24