How do you know when someone really loves you?

Loving someone or being loved is the most beautiful feeling in the world. When you love somebody, it is so obvious that you love them and no need to get the proof. But when somebody else loves you, it is not so easy to understand their love especially when they are not your dear and close ones and are not open to confront.

Here are some pointers to know when someone really loves you:

  • You will be the first priority for them. They will consider others after you.
  • They will put effort and make time for you whenever they can and whenever you need.
  • They will always care for you.
  • They will respect and they will always stand by you.
  • They will make you strong and the right person always.
  • There will always support you in your good as well as bad times.
  • You will always get encouraged by them for good things.
  • For them, it is never too late to sacrifice anything for you.
  • They always make you smile and try their best to keep the smile on your face.
  • They will never leave you.

Though different people have different ways to express or show their love, these are some of the points they definitely do, either in your presence or absence.