How do successful people build up their image at work?

It is true that no one can build up a solid professional network if he or she does not open up to others. However, doing it wisely is crucial because crossing the border and proving yourself wrong can leave a destructive effect on your career. Revealing your bright aspects, the best way is nothing but art and everyone should learn it.

The traits you reveal may seem the rock-solid bricks initially, but they can fetch the obvious disinterest in your over the period of time. Thus, a question arises that what is the secret recipe to build your glittering, appealing and dynamic image at work? Here we reveal the secret:

Bottom Line

The basic funda is that you need to hold your horses before you cross that line. Once words come out from your mouth, you can’t retrieve them. It has also been proved that the upper echelons of top performers are those who have their emotional intelligence touching the peak. Usually, emotionally intelligent folks are adept at reading others and this gave them a clear viewpoint that what should and what should not be revealed to a particular person, group or team.

Never Say You Hate Your Work

Someone rightly said, “If you hate what you do, stop doing it. But if you have to do it, start taking interest in it”.

You may hate your job, but try not to publicize it. This is the last thing others (no matter they are your friends) would like to here. The first thing that comes to their mind is if you don’t like, who is stopping you from leaving it. It also labels you as a negative folk and way away from being a team player. Bosses are quick to find such culprits who drag down the morale of the team. They also find your replacement beforehand.

Yeah, “He Does Nothing”

If you also utter such words for most of your colleagues around you, keep your mouth shut immediately because this is going to put you in even deeper trouble. And anyways, you don’t really know who does what? No employer is so foolish who pays to an idle resource. There is something substantial he or she is doing during her working hour which you are aware of. So, better no to pass such comment. Also, it is degrading your image too when you condemn others because the person opposite to you start thinking that if you're saying so for other, you might tell the same about me one day.

Following are Some More Characteristics of Such Individuals

  • Never Engage In a Relationship
  • Come In Good Robes
  • Never Pass Time Here and There
  • Keep Distractions Away
  • Have Healthy Relationships
  • Don't Get Into Unnecessary Arguments
  • Speak Less But Influential
  • Have Lots of Control
  • Demand Less
  • Not A Grumbler
  • Communicate Well

  • Timely Finish their Tasks
  • Behave Well Even with their Subordinates
  • Never Give Excuses
  • Take Accountability
  • Love Challenges
  • Inspiring
  • Solidary
  • Punctual
  • Genuine Appreciator