How Do I Write Emails for Email Marketing Campaigns?

The trend in marketing today is digital marketing. Companies are running from post to post to get their digital marketing campaigns in place. Digital marketing includes the different forms of marketing techniques done online. To name a few, companies would have to ensure their active participation in −

  • social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Hike, Telegram, YouTube, Snapchat, and others.

  • Email marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Pay-per-click marketing and others.

In this article, we will learn what email marketing is, what the benefits of email marketing are, and how to write an email for an email marketing campaign.

The Concept of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a type of digital marketing in which a company sends emails to customers about the latest product updates, different discounts available in the store, and the arrival of any new product or service in order to connect with customers and solicit feedback, among other things. The company here maintains a database of the consumer and makes sure to ping the consumer at the right time. With email marketing, companies are not only driving sales but also creating a bond with their customers. Digital marketing communication is regarded as the most cost-effective form of communication.

Points to Consider While Writing an Email in an Email Marketing Campaign

  • Use a familiar form name − This basically refers to what would be the sender’s name in your inbox. The company should always use its name when sending emails to consumers. Companies have to understand that while opening the inbox, consumers are flooded with new emails, and this helps them make the decision whether to open the email or put it in the trash can. Relevant form names will help the company boost its email open rate by 30%. Some companies bold their form name and use all uppercase letters.

  • Catchy, crisp, and relevant subject line − The next thing that a consumer notices after the domain name is the subject line. It is generally suggested to keep the subject line under 30 characters so that it is completely visible both on the mobile device and the desktop. It is advisable to use these keywords, but not just for their sake. Consumers generally get disappointed when they find out they were just forced to open the email, and in a sense, they feel cheated and consider the mail to be spam and do not take any action. Some of the words that get more click-through in subject lines are −

    • Customers' first names (as a backup)

    • Invitation

    • Introducing

    • We

    • A

    • Rep

    • Fwd

    • New

    • News

    • Sale and others.

  • The preheader text − After the form name and subject body are in place, what more consumers can see on their mobile devices and laptops is the preheader. It is just one or two lines that consumers can read even before opening the email. Your subject line and your preheader should be in sync to ensure the reliability of the sender. Try to give a short, crisp summary of the same. For example, if Amazon is sending you an email with the subject line "acquire the Rs200 discount coupon now," and in the preheader, it is mentioned that the company wants to congratulate you on your special occasion through this voucher.

  • Mail-body content − It is very crucial for marketers to write simple, easy-to-understand, and purposeful mail-body content. Companies should not flaunt their technicality or skill in this letter. A purposeful email as to what they have to offer, how the offering can help them, and a call to action button to know more or register for the same should be more than enough in the mail body. Companies can attach pictures, bold content, and use different colors to make it attractive, but the message should not be lost or become difficult to understand under the aesthetics of the email.

  • Call to action button − This is the most important part of email writing. Companies should ensure that this call to action button is visible, has a line above it to reiterate its purpose, and is accessible. This button can take you to the website of company for registration purposes, purchase purposes, or inventory parts. The website should be easy to access and navigate.

  • Evade the spam filter − After everything is done nicely, you might end up on the spam list of the consumer. This generally happens when you use the words "buy," "free," "sale," "discounts," and others too often. Another thing is that you can ask regular consumers to add you to their mail contacts to ensure that you are whitelisted and all the emails reach you.

  • Basic pointers − Emails should use the first name of the recipient and words like "you" and "us" to make it sound like communication. Companies should ensure that there are no typing errors, sentences are complete, short, and crisp, emails should be accessible on both mobile and desktop, the loading time should not be excessive, companies should not attach heavy files to the mail, and there should be contact information for the company in case the consumer wants to connect for certain queries.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Many companies are scared that email marketing is dead now, but they could not be more wrong. According to different surveys, it was found that 73% of millennials prefer any business communication through the mail, 40% of B2B marketers owe their success to email marketing and the chance that consumers will open their mailbox at least once a day is more than 90%. Below are some of the benefits of email marketing −

  • It is a cost-effective form of digital communication − All that is required for an email marketing campaign to be a success is good content and maybe good graphics. An organization that has its team in place can conduct email marketing in less than a day. Even without graphic designers and content writers, a person with decent knowledge and help from the internet can create good content for email marketing. It is a cost-effective bot in terms of time and money.

  • It can be personalized − Companies can add the name of every consumer through email-creating applications and can also target the receiver while sending different content. Consumers can even ensure that personalized emails are dispatched on special occasions through an automated system.

  • Companies can collect feedback, send timely campaigns, and communicate with the consumer − with the email marketing tool, companies can easily do all three with ease. All they have to do is set the system to dispatch emails to a particular set of consumers on the defined dates, and the application will ensure Companies can create a balance between not spamming the consumer’s inbox and communicating with them as well.

  • Increasing sales and sales leads − With a call to action button in every email or by buying databases of prospective consumers, companies can ensure volume sales for the company.

Email marketing is the trend when you are targeting corporate consumers, the B2B segment, businessmen, and others. Email is a very crucial form of communication in the corporate world; hence, the active presence of consumers is guaranteed, but at the same time, companies should not spam their mailboxes and only send them relevant emails.

Updated on: 27-Feb-2023


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