How Often Should I Send Marketing Emails?

Marketing emails are important because they indicate the face of the business in many ways. Read on to know how often you should send marketing emails to your customers!

Digital marketing comprises multiple modules, and e-mail marketing is one of its most popular and widely used modules even today. Yes, social media marketing is dominating today, but nothing can replace e-mail marketing. It has its own importance as well as needs. As the name implies, e-mail marketing means marketing through e-mails. In simpler words, a company uses e-mails to market its brand and products and achieve other marketing goals. It is also one of the cheapest marketing modules. However, there is always confusion regarding the frequency of sending marketing e-mails.

Due to the help of the tools sending e-mails to thousands of people has become easier, so people didn't pay attention to frequency, and hence they didn't get desired results. Here in this blog, we will discuss some factors that will help you choose the right frequency, and last, we will tell you how often you should send marketing e-mails in general.

Factors that affect the frequency of e-mail marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns are always decided on multiple factors; proper market research is needed to set those factors. To get the right frequency of e-mail marketing campaigns, consider the below factors carefully.


Doesn't matter what type of digital marketing module you use; you must analyze and set your target audience first. A little mistake in choosing the right audience can destroy your whole marketing budget, strategies, and, of course, goals. Before sending marketing e-mails, choose your audience and analyze it, then make a proper frequency. For example, you can increase the frequency for students and unemployed persons, but for working professionals and extremely busy personalities, it is advised to send only a few e-mails. Also, increasing the frequency doesn't mean filling a person's inbox with your e-mails.


Everything depends upon your objectives because marketing is all about fulfilling objectives. So, whenever you are confused about e-mail marketing frequency, you must analyze your objectives. Objectives define everything, including the content of the e-mail. Suppose you are doing e-mail marketing to generate leads; you must increase the frequency. On the other hand, if you are doing e-mail marketing for the promotion of a product or service, you should not send a huge quantity of mail; otherwise, the person will not find your mail reliable and genuine.


Consistency is very important in any type of digital marketing. You should do everything to make your audience realize that you are making continuous efforts to connect with them. Consistent e-mail marketing campaigns offer better results, especially conversions and leads. After analyzing your target audience and objective, you must plan a proper calendar for e-mail marketing campaigns and strictly follow them with utmost consistency.

Monitor Performance

Numerous tools available in the market provide deep metrics about the performance of your e-mail marketing campaigns. Such tools tell you how many e-mails are opened and how many actions are performed. These tools also provide you with the ROI. Now, these are just a few metrics, and after extensively analyzing these metrics, you can set the frequency and update it as per your needs and the campaign's performance.

Give Customers the Freedom

Today brands focus a lot on customer convenience, which is why they give their customers freedom. Freedom in the sense the brands provide a number of options to the customer to choose when they want mail from them. And companies send e-mails as per the choices of the customers. For example, some customers receive e-mails only when a discount is available on products and services, while others receive e-mails when a new product or service is launched. So here you don't have to take tension about the frequency; just send mails as per the customer's preference.

How often should I send marketing emails?

When you analyze the above factors, you will get the exact and most importantly suitable answer to this question. Now, in general, terms, sending 1-2 times a week is a good number. According to seventh sense/databox, more than 33% of marketers send e-mails weekly, i.e., once a week. More specifically, you must send at least a single mail every month. According to most reports and surveys, 2-3 e-mails per month are sufficient for every type of business, and to get the exact magic number, you have to consider multiple factors and do proper market research. Also, tracking systems play an important role, so it doesn't matter how often you send e-mails; make sure to track the results and deeply analyze the data given by the system.

Final Words

Any type of marketing is effective only when you do it with proper planning and taking care of everything. The frequency of sending e-mails is a very important factor in deciding the success of your marketing campaign. So, consider the above factors, make a proper schedule accordingly, and be consistent with what you have made.

The only thing to remember is don't send too many e-mails in any case because it damages your brand image and degrades the performance of your campaigns badly. Don't make your customers feel bored or irritated by your e-mails. Develop interest so that your CTR will always remain high.

Updated on: 29-Mar-2023


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