How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing in India?

Companies today are shifting from traditional marketing approaches to digital marketing approaches. The reason for this paradigm shift is that technology is growing by leaps and bounds, companies, as well as consumers, are adapting technology and its related products as a way of life, and most of the time consumers are in front of a screen. Everything that a consumer might need, starting with the morning newspaper and ending with the alarm that he sets at night, can be done on his cell phone. It can be done in the following ways −

  • Social media marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • SEO Marketing

  • Google Ads or Search Engine Marketing

  • Website Marketing

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing and others

In this article, we will be diving deep into the concept of affiliate marketing and how an individual can start affiliate marketing in India.

Affiliate Marketing Process

Affiliate marketing is an integral part of digital marketing, and something is coming to light because now companies are preferring niche marketing strategies to mass advertisements. Affiliate marketing can be explained in the following ways −

  • The affiliate marketer promotes the product or service through self-made videos on different social media channels or their own website.

  • Consumers, after understanding the benefits of the product or service, order the same for themselves.

  • Affiliate marketers have access to links through which the companies can keep track of the number of orders that came through a particular affiliate marketer.

  • For each order placed, the affiliate marketers receive a commission from the company.

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business in India?

Affiliate marketing is growing rapidly because there is minimal cost involved in starting this business. Marketers do not have to invest in stocks, and more importantly, the pandemic has brought us very close to creating content that we believe in. Marketers today have a huge fan base of like-minded people, and with 70% informational or entertainment content and 30% promotional content, they can do wonders. Affiliate marketing seems like a close friend talking to the person or the consumer. Below are some of the points that an individual should mull over before jumping into the business or when they feel stuck −

  • Select the product or service you are naturally curious about − Affiliate marketing will require you to be enthusiastic about the product that you sell. It will require you to put on your thinking cap and find unique ways to use the product as well as compare the product with its competitors. So decide wisely. If you are a foodie, go for food blogging or marketing; if you are into clothes, being a fashion nova is your designation; and so on. It is critical to identify your stream, as well as the general conversion rate for the product, how much demand it has, whether it requires a lot of information before making a decision, or whether it has a shorter purchase decision-making process. These things will help the marketer make better-informed decisions and keep the other parameters in sync.

  • Create your own website or channel − After you have decided upon the product that you would like to market, the next step is to decide upon your channel of communication. It could be an Instagram handle or a website. It totally depends upon where your target consumers look for information and are present most of the time. If you are dealing with clothes, food, and cosmetics, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are better for you, but if you are into selling printers, then email marketing, LinkedIn, and websites are better. This will also depend upon the cost of the product and the amount of information a person generally searches for while making the decision.

  • Select particular products or services that you want to market − So once you have decided upon the product category, it is time for you to decide upon the particular products in that category. For example, if you have signed yourself up for electronic items, it is time to decide what electronic items you want to market is it a mobile phone, laptop, earphones, power bank, and others?

  • Sign up or register for affiliate marketing programs − this is the most crucial part of affiliate marketing. Here, you sign up for the products that you like and the brand that provides a high commission rate. It is okay if you do not have a lot of content or followers; if your content is good, plagiarism- free, and genuine, the companies will support you. They will also ask for the payment details and other basic information, so do not shy away.

  • Create content − This is your chance to shine. You have done all the necessary preparations for affiliate marketing. Create content that reflects your personality and is unique to you. This will help you attract like-minded individuals. Please ensure that the content that you create is in sync with the products that you will be marketing. For example, if you are passionate about beauty and you are creating all your informational content on that, but you are promoting automobiles, this will confuse your fan base. This will not be effective because they will not believe in you and your promoted content. Also, always ensure to keep your viewers engaged. Encourage them to ask questions, as this will help you build a relationship with your consumers.

Various affiliate marketing programs that you can consider if you are someone in India are

  • Reseller club

  • Amazon India

  • Flipkart

  • Go Daddy

  • V Commission and others

Because of the creator economy, affiliate marketing is growing by leaps and bounds today and is an excellent way to earn passive income. Today, we have more than 50 million content creators in the creator economy. Companies are preferring this model because it helps them target a niche market and is a more economical form of marketing. A company only pays the marketer if they bring in sales, so there is no liability or fixed cost. The company would not have to think about the content and get data for all the segments. If you do not want to be a full-time influencer marketer, you can even do this in your free time and follow your passion. We have to understand that money today is everywhere, but it will require your perseverance, passion, and commitment.

Updated on: 14-Mar-2023


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