How do employees (working 9-10 hours daily) can maintain their health?

“Early to bed, Early to Rise... Makes a Man, healthy wealthy and wise!” is what we learned during childhood. But not only enough sleep, good food, but mood also adds to our day. Working people are often prone to ill health. The timings, environment, the stress of the workplace and the type of work they are doing have their impact on the person’s physical and psychological health as well.

Allocate some time out early in the morning, to go on a morning walk or to do some exercise or yoga in whichever environment you are working. Because the enzymes that boost your immunity release during the early hours of your day, which help to keep you active all day long.

Those who work on systems for a longer time, are prone to some health issues like eye strain, neck pain, headache, muscle cramps, insomnia etc. They should follow a few tips to keep their health intact.

  • Sit in good posture and maintain a minimum distance from the screen.

  • Keep looking off your system screen at least for every 25-30 minutes.

  • Try nibbling some snack or have a coffee-break after 4-5hours of work.

  • Keep looking at green plants or trees often to keep your eyes unstrained.

  • Don’t sit for too long in the same position, keep changing your sitting position.

  • Keep taking regular five-minute breaks and walk a few steps for every two hours.

Along with these things at work, it would be better to play some sport with friends in the evening. While having some relaxation after a long working day, you can stretch some muscles and also burn a few calories.

Whichever work you do, try to have home food and eat fresh seasonal fruits. If your work is more of physical strain, take more protein and calorie food and if it requires less physical strain, go for some fiber-rich food.

If your work is of rotating shifts, you need to follow a few things like

  • Eat small and frequent meals

  • Take more fluids like water, juices etc.,

  • Lessen your caffeine consumption

  • Have a strict sleep schedule

Let not the issues at work, bother you personally. Always look for a way to manage your stress levels. Keep your calm. Have some time for yourself. However, good food and good mood make your day great.