How come two children from the same family have different nature?

Yes .. This is a very interesting question. How come, 2 children of the same family, who share the same roof, go to the same school, have common friends, and brought up by the same family become so different when they grow up. Both will have different success levels, different interests in life and looks at the life with a different perception.

Parents play a prominent role in this matter. They unknowingly pamper the better performing kid and try to compare the other one. This constant comparison with the sibling will play with the psychology of the child and leads to vast differences later on in life.

Psychologists and researchers of sibling and family relationships have something to say about this.

  • Siblings try to be different from one another and seek to establish a unique identity and position in their family. If an elder sister excels at school, her kid brother may try his hand in sports to be unique and get the attention of the parents.
  • Parents are also noticed to favorite the first child more, and it is always a struggle for the second one to reach that level in their parents' eyes. They try different methods to compete with their elder sibling.
  • The gender difference can also determine their success levels in different fields.