How can you have a satisfied life?

Life is considered by so many as a blessing and there is no denial of this fact. Life is filled with surprises and challenges each day and it is each experience that culminates together to make our lives beautiful. But in today’s hectic scheduled lives, people are beginning their quest to understand the secret to living a satisfied life.

There are some simple ways to follow in our lives in getting the satisfaction and contentment which ultimately gives us peace and joy. They are:

  • Gratitude for life − This is a practice which one can develop as a habit. Every day when you wake up be thankful that you are alive today, have a roof over your head, have good food to eat. You are luckier than 50% of the rest of the population. Be thankful every morning that you are getting one more day added to your life.

  • Note positive things of life − Habit of diary writing truly help for it helps to reflect and revive the happenings of the day. In a diary, maintain the good and positive points that happened in the day which shall also help you in continuing with them.

  • Work for the lesser privileged people − There are millions of people in the society and many around you who need your service and help to make their lives better. Contribute and share your knowledge with NGO children, spend some time in old age home and give your love and affection to the aged people, teach your maid and her community members English. These small acts give you the unmatched satisfaction of contributing to society.

  • Learn something new every day − Each person teaches you a lesson in life. Life is also about learning and not just earning. Watch good movies, listen to different stories of the people, take feedback about your work, etc. Learning helps you bridge the gap between your work and your mind.

  • Spend time with family and friends − At the end of the day, it is the support and affection of your loved ones which will help as your pillars of support. Make sure you give quality time to your family member and friend circle and keep building on the meaningful relationships.

  • Spend time in nature − Nature helps you reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. Whenever you get free time, take treks, visit fields, forests, go for a wildlife tour, and visit a hill station. It shall help you explore your own mind and conscience by distancing you from the concrete jungle.

  • Your passion − In the process of earning and the rat race we follow, we tend to kill our creativity and talents. Cultivate and pursue your hobby. Do not let it get subdued. In your schedule, allow some time for your singing, dance, painting or whatever that you are passionate about.