How can you explain the spiritual term "Material Happiness" scientifically?

The happiness caused by material terms like money and comfort can be understood as “Material Happiness”. According to Spiritual theories, this material happiness is temporary, which means the pleasure acquired through it, will not last long.

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This can be well explained scientifically, with many instances. For example, a person who has much desire to eat chocolates, if goes on consuming them for a long period without any limitation, gets eventually fed up one day.

The strong desire which turns down slowly gets satisfied after a certain period and then if continued leaves him in a state of aversion towards it. This is somewhat called as “Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility” in economics.

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We usually keep on switching our desires/wants onto something so that nothing bores us. We usually do this to keep the things entertain us. So, we cannot find happiness constantly at one place or thing or at a comfort, permanently.

Hence, we cannot eat the same pudding all day or watch the same movie without a break all over the week. Unless you keep on changing these material interests, we cannot feel excited to hang on. Hence, the material happiness is stated as “temporary” in spirituality.