How can women be responsible for their own safety?

God helps those who help themselves. While, it is a moral duty of each and every individual to lend a helping hand to others, there are many instances where we have to help our own selves and these are mostly concerned with our safety and protection. Women today are becoming more and more vulnerable to security issues, which is actually a serious problem in our country.

It’s time again that women free themselves from the clutches of bondage and become the harbinger of power (Shakti) who has worshiped a Durga in this country yet women live under constant fear and threat. It’s the time now that women become responsible for their own safety and security with the following measures.

Keep a distance

While we know that women are working today in our country in different places, there are evil eyes on them who still consider them as a commodity of pleasure. Hence, it is important for women to keep a healthy distance from such people. It is important to not fall prey in the company of men who do not respect the dignity of women.

Speak to the right person at the right time

There are many instances when grievances arise against eve-teasing, domestic violence or any other social evil that women become a prey of. It is important to get them addressed at the right time to a competent authority or an effective person. Ignoring such issues increase their gravity and encourage many people to disrespect women and consider them as an inferior population. Any form of fear in a woman’s mind should not be taken for granted by her. This is mainly because eliminating fear is the first step to stay in a secure atmosphere.

Pepper spray

World today, in general, is not a very pleasant and safe place to live for all individuals. It is important, especially for women to carry some safety equipment like chilly spray, umbrella and other allied things to make sure that they are ready at a cursory level to tackle any unforeseen circumstance. This is also a part of the self-defense training.

Stay in a crowd at night

It is advisable to both men and women to be in a group if traveling at night is necessary for some reasons. Staying with a group of peers or colleagues not only reduces the feeling of fear and threat in your mind but also reduces the chances of a mishap or physical human threat. If not possible, a reliable mode of transport should be opted for.