How can people who suffer from mood disorders ever lead normal lives?

Mood disorders are really very disturbing. They may go away with time or with the strong will of the patient. But, in severe cases, where it becomes tough to get over it no matter how hard one tries to escape from its grip, it is advised to consult a doctor and only then after his permission and approval take the prescribed medicines and anti-depressants. Even counselors nowadays have been helping these patients to lead normal lives.

  1. The patients often feel less ambitious and hopeless. In that case, it is important to plan and set a feasible target.

  2. Rest is like a Pandora’s box. This must not be neglected at all. Sleep of 6-8 hours is a must.

  3. Junk food may be pleasing to them, but it carries a lot of side effects. Healthy eating is advisable.

  4. Learning a new skill. Go to a movie hall, getting a happening book and reading it on a recreation center seat. Cooking, dancing, singing, walking and strolling. Doing what makes one happy is very much needed. Some might love to paint, others to simply observe.

  5. Howsoever much technology has advanced, but true nature is the restorative agent. Sitting in the quiet lap of nature and recollecting one’s own thoughts can help one heal himself.

  6. Meditation helps a lot in improving one’s state of mind. It may even help to cure this menace.

  7. Working for NGOs can help one spend one’s time in a noble manner and not over think and spoil one’s health.

The tips mentioned above are very helpful for a patient with a mood disorder in leading a healthy and happy life. It will teach the patient the art of living happily.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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