How can I turn my one-sided love into a duo?

Well, this clearly seems to be a case of 'one-sided-love' and congratulations, you have entered the colossal group of 'Silent Lovers'. However, the span of five years is extremely long to express your feelings in an environment where we are surrounded with numerous communication alternatives. Since you have already taken a big piece of time, you must hurry up now, but with a strategy.

Offer Friendship

One of the tried-and-tested ways, friendship is the key to establishing any relationship and it can work like a magic for you; however, you have to be smart here because offering friendship too is an art. Remember, never jump on things. Be gentle.

Dig Out Details

Try and find out people in her acquaintance, areas that appeal to her, and the places she visits very frequently. For instance, if she goes to a club, gym, yoga or dance classes, you can also join the same and create more opportunities to get close to her.

No Substitute for Being Noble

Being noble or genuine is one of the qualities appreciated ubiquitously and thankfully this is one of the qualities that can be earned. Although, being noble is somewhat very rare in the current environment where wickedness has polluted relationships big time and therefore, your goodness can prove to be a refreshing gust of breeze for her.

Stay Reliable

Being trustworthy is the key to establishing strong relationships and it plays a vital role as far as friendship is concerned. It will also make her comfortable to open up with you which will be a straight access to her heart. The shine of reliability in your eyes might touch her exorbitantly and make her fall in love even before you make the next move. Bingo!!

Be There in Pain

No matter you are around her when she is having a laugh, but you have to be there to catch the drop of her tears even before they touch the ground. You should be there not to sympathize her, but to get the bunch of solutions to help her get rid of the pain she is going through. Remember, relationships nurtured by pain last extraordinarily long.

Hit the Final Cord

Now, once you get things in control and are confident enough, do take care of a few things before you drive it further because proposing to a girl can be a ‘make-or-break’ situation for you and it will largely depend on the fine blend of your passion for her, set of skills and yes, luck. Remember, when you genuinely love someone, your creativity emerges in multi-fold. Choose a perfect day to express your love. I suggest, chose the day when she lost the most valuable thing in life because this is where you can make out for her loss.

An Important Note

Even if things do not shape up the way you imagined, don’t mourn over the heartbreak. Stay cheerful and proud to be the owner of the aforementioned characteristics. Appreciate your efforts and leave rest to the superpower, don’t you remember pairs are made in heaven :). So, all the LOVING best!