How can I enhance my skin tone to look beautiful?

There are many reasons behind the skin complexion. Skin tone and texture can be maintained by following some simple daily routines, some home remedies and strictly avoiding some don'ts.

Let's see some do’s and don'ts which can be easily followed to enhance your skin tone.

Wash your face at least thrice a day

  • To remove the dirt, dust, pollutants, and sweat from your face, it is very important to wash face time to time using gentle face-wash.

  • Also, it would be better if you can use normal warm water.

  • Before going to bed, do not forget to remove makeup and wash face.

  • Don’t use soap or any such face wash which can harm your skin.

  • First, check whether the particular face-wash is meant for your skin type or not.

Drink More Water

  • Drinking plenty of water is always healthy for your skin and health.

  • Water washes impurities from your blood, hydrate body and makes skin look youthful and glowing.

  • Professionals say drinking 2-3 glasses of warm water in the morning and before going to bed gives strength to your digestive system, gives more strength to the immune system and enhance your skin glow.

  • Avoid drinking cold water as it disorganizes energy flow of your body.

Eat well for healthy skin

  • Certain food products such as fast food are not good for your body and can also harm your skin.

  • For clear and glowing skin eat fresh and healthy fruits, more and more green vegetables and avoid spicy food.

Take Good Sleep

  • Not taking the good and proper sleep may have many bad effects on your skin such as dullness, produces wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes and makes the water level improper in the body.

  • Whereas taking proper sleep helps your skin and body tissues to recover, balance the water level/hydration, and improves digestion. Hence taking proper 8-9 hour sleep and following the good old rule of “Early to bed, early to rise” enhances your skin tone.

Avoid Stress

  • Stress creates wrinkles, dark circles under eyes, make the skin dull and causes many more things which can not only harm your skin but ruins health too.

  • It might be difficult to avoid stress in today’s busy lifestyle but what we can do is to follow an anti-stress procedure such as, exercise, Meditation or Yoga.

Avoid Smoking

  • You must have heard that smoking is injurious to health but it is also bad for the skin too. Smoking affects your skin, hair, nails etc.

  • It causes wrinkles which makes you look old, dark.

  • Well, it is quite hard to quit smoking but what one can do is smoke fewer cigarettes and try to reduce its frequency.

If you have such skin issues which you have tried to treat but homemade remedies have failed, then you must have a visit to skin professional as soon as possible.

Updated on: 27-Jun-2020


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