How can I eat rice in a healthy way?

Rice comes with the reputation of staple food in Indian cuisine; however, people who do not know what exactly rice is and how it can be healthy to eat, often avoid this nutrition food. There has always been a conflicting notion about rice due to its richness in starch. But hey, is it all that bad. Let’s find out

How Many Times In A Week

Experts opine that a person can have rice every day depending upon his/her weight and weight loss goals. If your intention is to shed a few pounds, rice can be eaten twice a week then. Just ensure, a plate of salad should accompany it as it will fulfill the lack of fiber in white rice. On the contrary, if you want to gain some pounds then rice can be included into your diet chart but not alone. Add some boiled or sweet potato salad.

Right Time to Eat Rice

Expert suggests their clients have rice as an alternative for lunch because this time your metabolism stays higher than dinner. If consumed during this period, you can use up the carbohydrates from rice for energy which you won’t be able to use when taken during dinner as it may get stored as fats, says Neha.

Are You Under the Weather, Have Rice

Rice has made their place in the hearts of the masses due to their attribute of being extremely digestive. Generally, we have seen our moms bring a bowl of rice either with dal, curd or prepare a khichadi whenever we fall sick. The highly digestive properties of rice make our moms do so. If you want instant energy, have a bowl of rice because rice can be easily broken down by our body. This is the only reason rice is recommended for the patients as they don’t cause them indigestion.

How Does It Work

Once you consume rice, they raise the blood sugar levels in the body and once settled down, they make you feel hungry once again.