How can I curb my shopping addiction?

Shopping can become an addiction when you have excess money or credit cards. People with excess money can still manage to be a shopaholic, but it is a sin for people who are using credit cards to buy unnecessary things. The liability to pay back the amount spent will cost huge interests and a lot of mental peace.

Let us look at some tips to curb your shopping addiction.

  • Make a list of things which you need to buy and stick to them.

  • If you have to buy groceries never go to a big shopping mall. You will end up buying 10 things if you went to buy 3.

  • Bury your credit cards at home and always carry cash. If you really have to use the credit card, fix the budget and source to pay back before you hit the mall.

  • It is advisable to shop alone so that you will not be influenced by your companion to buy unnecessary things.