How can a student overcome addiction of electronic gadgets?

In the present world, technology has got very advanced. Most of our daily tasks have been automated which has made us more reliable on electronic gadgets. The teenagers are the ones who are highly addictive to these gadgets like smartphones, computers etc. They spend more than 80% of their time on these devices.

The addiction to electronic gadgets not only disturbs the body clock due to sleep deprivation but also isolates from their family. This, in the long run, will cause serious problems in their life.

Steps to overcome your addiction

  • Consider what are the electronic devices that you are addicted to? Before you can quit utilizing any electronic device, it is vital that you identify what electronic device you are using the most and why?

  • Understand what is that addiction doing to your life. When you can find out the electrical device that you need to quit utilizing, you ought to consider how the gadget has affected your life. This should be possible by creating a list of what you missed in your life due to spending more time on these electronic gadgets.

  • Creating a list encourages you to understand the time that you have spent on electronic gadgets. This enables you to acknowledge how much time and energy you have wasted due to the electronic devices. Thus this list helps you to understand the depth of the addiction and its side effects.

  • Fix your limits. You can cut off an electronic gadget completely. But at some point, we got to use them in our daily life. Hence only use them when they are really needed. Set some ground rules. Having a list of rules encourages you to follow them. So writing it down would confirm your plans.

  • You can decide your limits based on the time you use on respective devices. Use the devices for finishing the task for which you had to use the device and as soon as the work is done, close the device instead of using it for recreational and other works.

  • Find alternatives to divert yourself. There are many non-electronic activities in life like spending time with your family and friends, reading books, following a hobby or even going on a vacation. See that you spend outdoor time with your loved ones.

  • The most important thing of all is to follow the plan set by the above rules. Do not let the temptations weaken you. Try to avoid unnecessary usage whenever possible. In case of situations where you need to use the electronic devices, set a timer or stop the clock to keep a track of time.

Updated on: 26-Jun-2020


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