Heart Health Awareness Month: February 2021

Cardiovascular ailments are among the most common disease that is the leading cause of death worldwide.

The Heart Failure Society of America has organized Heart Failure Awareness Week the week before Valentine's Day since 2001. This weekly campaign aims to raise awareness of heart failure symptoms, encourage individuals to undergo heart-related screenings, and encourage them to live heart-healthy lifestyles.

As part of this campaign, heart walk, kids heart challenge, cycle nation, walk for 1 in 100, heart and vascular 5K run and walk are organized. All these events help people become aware of heart ailments and how to combat them.

Heart disease and other related ailments, which are thought of as conditions affecting the older generation, are becoming more common in people of all ages. That is why everyone should value Heart Month. It is a great chance to learn more about the symptoms and warning signs of heart disease, and what we can do in our daily lives to reduce the risk.

What are the Causes of Developing heart Diseases?

There are multiple causes responsible for developing heart diseases in individuals. They are as follows −


A significant risk factor for coronary heart disease is smoking. Nicotine and carbon monoxide stress the heart by causing it to beat more quickly. They also raise your chance of developing blood clots.

Other compounds in cigarette smoke can cause furring of the arteries by harming the lining of your coronary arteries. Your risk of heart disease is hugely increased by smoking.

Hypertension or high Blood Pressure

Hypertension causes strain on the heart and can lead to the development of coronary heart diseases.

Not Exercising Regularly

Fatty deposits can accumulate in your arteries if you don't exercise.

A heart attack may result from a blockage in the arteries that carry blood to your heart. A stroke can occur if the arteries supplying blood to your brain are compromised.

Having high Amounts of Cholesterol

The liver produces cholesterol from the saturated fat in your diet. Although it is necessary for healthy cells, having too much of it in the blood might cause CHD.

High Levels of Lipoprotein

Lipoprotein (a), also referred to as LP(a), is a kind of fat produced by the liver, just like cholesterol. It is a known risk factor for atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

Your parents pass on to you a portion of their LP(a) gene. Although screening is done for those at moderate or high risk of developing cardiovascular disease, it is not regularly measured.

Uncontrolled Diabetes

Diabetes, which can more than double your chance of having CHD, may result from excessive blood sugar levels.

Diabetes can cause the lining of blood vessels to thicken, which can impede blood flow, which can result in CHD.

Overweight or Obesity

Obese individuals have more fat in their bodies than people with normal weight. This can lead to cholesterol accumulation in the body and harm the health of the heart.

How to Detect Heart Problems?

Several tests are conducted on individuals to detect the problem with their hearts. These tests help doctors understand the level of problem that an individual’s heart is facing.

Electrocardiogram or ECG

With the help of an electrocardiogram (ECG), a doctor can make use of this quick test for examining the rhythm and electrical activity of the heart.

With the help of the sensors that are attached to the person’s body, electrical signals are picked up with each heart beat.


Images of the inside of the body can be shown quickly and painlessly with an X-ray.

It can be used to assist identify a variety of problems and is a very effective approach to examining the bones.

Although other healthcare practitioners can provide X-rays, radiographers are the trained specialists who perform them most frequently in hospital X-ray departments.


"Echo," is also called echocardiogram. With this scan, the heart and the arteries are examined properly.

It is a type of ultrasonic scan that sends high-frequency sound waves through a tiny probe, which causes echoes when the waves hit different body parts.

While the scan is completed, the probe picks up these echoes and converts them into a moving image on a monitor.

Blood Tests

One of the most popular kinds of medical tests is the blood test, which has several applications.

A blood test might be used to Examine your overall health, look for infections, ascertain how well your liver and kidneys are functioning, and have specific hereditary problems screened for.

Coronary Angiography

An invasive diagnostic procedure called cardiac catheterization gives vital details on the composition and operation of the heart.

Typically, coronary angiography, also known as arteriography, is used to get X-rays of the heart's arteries (coronary arteries).

Coronary angiograms or arteriograms are the resulting images.

MRI Scans

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a type of scan, uses powerful magnetic fields and radio waves to produce exact images of the interior of the body. An MRI scan's findings can help plan treatments, diagnose illnesses, and gauge the success of earlier therapies.

CT Scans

A computer and X-rays are used in a computerized tomography (CT) scan to provide in-depth pictures of the inside of the body.

CT scans are also known as computed tomography scans or CAT scans.

They are performed while you are a patient at the hospital or during a brief visit. They are performed in the hospital by specially trained professionals known as radiographers.

How to keep Heart Problems Away?

Some of how one can stay away from heart problems are −

  • Exercising regularly

  • Maintaining a healthy body weight

  • Consuming a healthy and balanced diet

  • Keeping blood sugar under control

  • Do not smoke or drink

  • Maintaining hypertension

  • Consume medicines as the doctors have prescribed


Heart health awareness month makes people aware of ways in which they can protect their hearts and lead long and healthy life. Having detailed knowledge about the causes of cardiac problems and how to deal with them will further give them a way to deal better with these problems.

Updated on: 23-Feb-2023


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