GWT - Form Widgets

Form widgets allows users to input data and provides them interaction capability with the application. Every Form widget inherits properties from Widget class which in turn inherits properties from UIObject and Wigdet classes.

Sr.No. Widget & Description
1 GWT UIObject Class

This widget contains text, not interpreted as HTML using a <div>element, causing it to be displayed with block layout.

2 GWT Widget Class

This widget can contain HTML text and displays the html content using a <div> element, causing it to be displayed with block layout.

Form Widgets

Following are few important Form Widgets

Sr.No. Widget & Description
1 Button

This widget represents a standard push button.

2 PushButton

This widget represents a normal push button with custom styling.

3 ToggleButton

This widget represents a stylish stateful button which allows the user to toggle between up and down states.

4 CheckBox

This widget represents a standard check box widget. This class also serves as a base class for RadioButton.

5 RadioButton

This widget represents a mutually-exclusive selection radio button widget.

6 ListBox

This widget represents a list of choices to the user, either as a list box or as a drop-down list.

7 SuggestBox

This widget represents a text box or text area which displays a pre-configured set of selections that match the user's input. Each SuggestBox is associated with a single SuggestOracle. The SuggestOracle is used to provide a set of selections given a specific query string.

8 TextBox

This widget represents a single line text box.

9 PasswordTextBox

This widget represents a text box that visually masks its input to prevent eavesdropping..

10 TextArea

This widget represents a text box that allows multiple lines of text to be entered.

11 RichTextArea

This widget represents a rich text editor that allows complex styling and formatting.

12 FileUpload

This widget wraps the HTML <input type='file'> element.

13 Hidden

This widget represets a hidden field in an HTML form.