GOLO Diet - Review, Cost, Benefits, and Risks

Losing weight healthily is a challenge. Crash diets with extremely low-calorie consumption are ineffective over the long run. However, sticking to the tried-and-true recommendation of eating moderate portions of nutrient-rich meals can sometimes feel like a slog. You may be asking why you can't lose weight if you've tried completely revamping your diet but have yet to be successful.

The GOLO diet's creators think that hormones, particularly insulin, crucial to metabolic function, are the root cause of many people's inability to lose weight and maintain it. The basis of GOLO (an abbreviation for "Go Lose Weight") is that if insulin levels are not well managed, it is tough to maintain a healthy weight.

Those with diabetes should make dietary adjustments and take a daily supplement to achieve more stable insulin levels.

What Exactly Is the GOLO Diet?

The GOLO diet is more of a diet plan than a general approach to food and nutrition, like the ketogenic or Mediterranean diets. The GOLO diet is a weight loss regimen that allows you some variety in what you eat but necessitates a supplement by GOLO, LLC.

This diet is designed to increase your metabolism and reduce insulin resistance, two factors that contribute to weight gain and diabetes.

The company's website describes the creators as "committed doctors, pharmacists, and researchers." The only named employees are the CEO and president, none of whom are medical professionals or registered dietician nutritionists. This website does not reveal any specific medical staff members.

According to Vikki Petersen, CFP, CCN, founder and executive director of Root Cause Medical Clinic in California and Florida, "the GOLO diet is a short-term method to weight loss." It's supposed to help you regulate your metabolism and hormone levels by controlling your insulin levels. Typically, courses last between 30 and 90 days.


  • It promotes the consumption of more natural and less processed meals. An extensive study confirms the efficacy of this strategy for shedding extra pounds.

  • It puts little of a damper on your activities. Plenty of ingredients are still available from the figurative GOLO pantry.

  • Guidelines for a healthy diet and meal preparation are included in the software. When trying to kick the poor eating habit, it might be challenging to know where to start—signing up for GOLO grants you access to their meal plans and recipes.


  • There is a lack of academic research to back this claim. Dr. Apovian and Rumsey are correct in saying that further studies are required to prove a link between the GOLO program and long-term weight reduction.

  • It also includes an unnecessary supplement. The Release add-on is included in the price of the GOLO program. According to the consulted professionals, no factual data shows that any supplement aids in weight loss.

  • No, the price is not zero. Signing up for the GOLO diet and purchasing the Release supplement is not accessible, unlike other eating programs like Mediterranean and plant-based diets.


The Golo diet will help you shed some pounds. However, researchers like Rasmussen and others say that the calorie restriction is to blame, not the Release supplement. Most people will slim down when they cut their caloric intake.

Many satisfied customers have left glowing testimonials on their website, some even posting photos of themselves "before" and "after" using the service. Cassetty argues that this "promotes a sense that there is one appearance to health," but in reality, "bodies come in a lot of different sizes," and "healthy" does not have a look.

Cost of GOLO diet

GOLO sells its supplements online, and with your first order, you have access to the GOLO above for Life plan and Mylo's digital resources. The website lists the cost of one bottle (enough for one to two months) at $59.95 and three bottles (sufficient for 90-150 days) at $119.85. GOLO provides a free delivery service and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Foods to Eat

The GOLO Metabolic Fuel Matrix is an integral part of the GOLO Diet since it provides a framework for making food choices among four "fuel groups" (proteins, carbohydrates, veggies, and fats).

  • Eat three meals daily, with 1–2 servings from each fuel category.

  • The size of a single serving can range from one tablespoon of olive oil (15 mL) to three ounces (85 grams) of white meat or fish.

  • Working exercise increases your fitness level, allowing you to eat more frequently or larger meals.

Examples of foods that are recommended for you to consume are listed below

  • Foods high in protein include eggs, meat, chicken, fish, nuts, and dairy.

  • Other sources of carbohydrates include berries, fruit, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, beans, and entire grains.

  • Spinach, arugula, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cucumbers, and zucchini are a few vegetables you can eat.

  • Oils and dressings − GOLO, olive oil, coconut oil, almonds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flaxseeds

Foods to Avoid

  • The GOLO diet avoids unhealthily processed and refined meals and eats more whole, natural foods.

  • The "7-Day Kickstart" and "Reset 7" diets promote rapid weight loss and detoxification from harmful substances before easing into a sustainable GOLO lifestyle.

  • Certain items, including red meat, dairy products, and cereals, are prohibited on these diets.

  • However, as part of a regular GOLO Diet, they can be reintroduced and enjoyed in moderation.

On the GOLO Diet, you should stay away from these types of foods

  • Chips, crackers, biscuits, and other packaged snacks

  • Tender, fatty slices of beef, lamb, and pork are considered "red meat" (for short-term diets only)

  • Soda, energy drinks, tea, vitamin water, and fruit juices are all examples of sugar-sweetened beverages.

  • Ingredients like aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin are intended to mimic the effects of sugar.


To adhere to GOLO diet principles, which include limiting your caloric intake and increasing your consumption of easily accessible whole foods, you can do so without subscribing to any service. You're paying for the program partly because of the supplement, but it hasn't been scientifically proven to aid weight control, so you need not bother about it.