Give me 5 daily routine makeup tips

Before giving you the 5 daily routine makeup tips, I just wanted to clarify that there are lot more tips that you can use to enhance your everyday beauty. I guess you must have also been aware of the fact that, occasional beauty differs from the daily life beauty because a daily routine beauty needs to sustain for more than 8 hours as compared to the occasional beauty.

As almost all females are working professionals now, who go to their workplace regularly, so daily face makeup becomes essential for them. You can find many face makeup products which are available in the market, but you don’t need all of them for daily routine makeup purpose.

As a daily routine makeup process, you need to apply it in the morning time. So, let me now give you a list of top 5 handful daily routine makeup tips which you can follow daily at your home. All these makeup tips are very simple and will give a fabulous look to your beauty.

Tip 1: Preparing Your Face

  • Before starting your makeup, cleanse your face. For this, you can use any cleanser as per your skin type.

  • Pour cleanser on cotton or use a cleansing wipe and gently wipe your face from forehead to neck to get a clean and clear face.

  • You should also make sure that you remove your makeup by the end of the day and cleanse your face again at the end.

Tip 2: Apply Base Before Makeup

  • You need to apply base makeup to tone your skin, cover up dark spots and dark circles.

  • This also helps to maintain a radiant and glow on your face skin. For this, you can purchase any light foundation meant for daily use and apply smaller dots on your face, dark spots, circle and blend it well with a brush.

Tip 3: Use Sunscreens

  • Using sunscreen after the base makeup time your skin even better. There are a variety of sunscreens available in the market for daily use, you need to choose the best one which suits well on your skin and has contained moisturizer in it.

  • If you apply foundation, it is recommended to use powder sunscreen.

Tip 4: Facial Finishing

  • To get an excellent finishing on your face, apply compact face powder with a pad gently on your face and then blend it well with a brush to get toned glowing finish on your face.

  • Face compact powders are available in different colors like dusky, ivory white, pearl, etc. So, choose the right one that can enhance your skin.

Tip 5: Enhance Eye Makeup

  • Apart from available countless eye cosmetics, you can only use a few of them. For daily use, you can apply kajal on your eyes, mascara on eyelashes, eyeliner over eyes & eye shadows on eyelids.

  • While choosing eye cosmetics, make sure they are smudge-free, waterproof and long lasting.