Generation Gap at Workplace Tutorial

Generation Gap at Workplace Tutorial

A generation is normally an identifiable group that includes members based on their age and location and also based on any important life events in critical developmental stages, that spans up to 5 to 7 years. Depending on the generation an employee belongs to, his functioning and attitude toward several core competency areas can be assumed correctly. In this tutorial, we shall discuss in detail about the four generations of the American workers and their similarity, differences and its implications. We will also discuss how the different generations respond to different organizational mechanisms and situations in the workplace.


This tutorial is designed primarily for those professionals, who are getting the opportunity to work in a diverse workplace and need assistance in understanding the approach they are supposed to have, especially while dealing with employees who belong to a different generation group.


Before proceeding with this tutorial, the reader is expected to be familiar with the concept of organizational working models, and the different ways in which organizations function in.