Friendships made in Teenage won't last long. Is it true?

Because in most of the cases, you and your peers fall in love with the same chick...or maybe she is more interested in your ‘chaddi buddy’ and treating you just as a friend…true na? Well jokes apart, this is partly true. For instance, I got a couple of friends from a dance academy, which I joined at the age of 14 and I am very very pleased to have them even till now….on the other side of the 20s.

As far as my opinion on this bond is concerned, I strongly believe that it is an affinity of your comfort. A corner where you do all the crazy stuff and turn out to be a complete individual with having no fear any challenge.

How Can You Nurture Friendship of this Age

Absolutely, friends made in this age are of totally different temperament than those of childhood era. These young friends might get offended even on a sarcastic compliment conveyed for the shirt or the pair of shoes they are in because they might not get your intention.

How To Avoid This

  • Spending quality time with them not only will clear most of their doubts but also help them construct a certain opinion about you.

  • Let's not judge anyone because you are no one to do so. Accept them the way they are.

  • Appreciate them for their skills, goodness, expertise. You can also give casual compliments. I remember a friend of mine does so even with strangers and believe it or not, it actually works.

  • If feedback is really very necessary to be conveyed, find some moderate way to explain.

  • We start blaming people around us very easily. Avoid it as no one is perfect and you can also commit mistakes.

Remember, friendship is a bliss, especially the one you fall into during teenage because you start looking at things from your own point of view and the same your peers going through. So, respect their outlook.