Free websites to create animated gifs

If, you what to create beautiful animated images for advertisement, social networking sites, sending friends, or for your own websites you need image creating websites with different effects and galleries or you can hire web designer to do that, web developers are so expensive. Here is the solution; try some free image creating websites of excellent features to create animated GIFs in very less budget.

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), an image format that has been used by many websites and organizations to fulfil their purpose. This is a format which supports all platforms and used over the internet by many – more users. It resolves overall purpose of all users.

Usually, animated gif images display in combined form that combinations are of; photos, drawings, scans or text. For that; first, choose the set of photos, decide their purpose, and organize the images in the order in which you want them to display, before finally creating one gif image from the two or more individual images.

Let’s see some free websites to create animated GIFs,


It is a handy site for creating GIFs images, also other format images such as; GIF, JPG and PNG. Its scrolling pane canvas facilitates users to handle animated GIFs frame and create animated GIFs more efficiently, also facilitates a preview panel to preview the animated GIFs file before finalizing it. Additionally, it provides other services; Video Maker, GIF Resize and Password Generator.


There are many sites in the market that take long time to upload images and creating GIF, but this problem is not there in makeagif enable you to choose multiple photos by simply holding the control or command key, also provides creative gallery of animated GIFs to create interesting images and service; YouTube to GIF, Webcam to GIF and Video to GIF.


To use this site, you need to have minimum 3 image available with you to generate a GIF and maximum 10 images it can upload together to generate a GIF. It provides 5 type frame speed. Additionally, for instant and regular GIF creation, Loogix provides some effects such as; Blur, Guggle, Motley, Swirl, Explosion, Zoom, Rotation and Negative.


Picasion works similarly like Loogix, but UI is different than Loogix. It permits users to upload photos from your hard disk, Flickr and Picasa web album, if you like. Additionally provides services; Glitter Effects, Create An Avatar and Resize An Image.


Gickr also uploads minimum 3- images and maximum 10 – images to create animation GIF. It is not only to create custom GIF sizes but also custom speeds (for up to 10 seconds) for your animated GIFs, works on photos uploaded from your system, Flickr and Picasa.


Imgflip is another site helpful in creating GIFs images and also supports JPG, PNG and GIF file formats. It’s easy to use scroll panel facilitates users to work perfectly on width, height and quality of an animated GIFs images and also control delay time of an image. It’s drag and drop feature creates images very easily in less time and rearrange feature modify the images again after finalizing too. It’s created GIFs come with a subtle watermark that can only be erased with a pro account.


Like other websites, GIFUp also offers easy and simple functions to create the animated GIFs that you can use and share very easily as compare to Loogix and Picasion. The navigation of the site is fairly simple, so you shouldn’t have problems in creating your own GIF’s. You can use images from you system, Flickr or any other websites to create images.


GIFPal functionalities are almost similar like ImgFlip with better user interface, provides many in-built effects and galleries that are helpful in creating better animated GIFs, controls the brightness, hue, contrast and saturation of the GIFs. Note: some images provided in the galleries are not so safe.


BlogGIF is a fun site comes with many features that are helpful in creating many kinds of animated GIFs. It also comes with many effects that are helpful in creating creative and animated GIFs. You can create GIF slideshow to present your images and can decompose your animated GIFs into several frames with a handy online tool.

MemeCenter’s GIF Maker

The best thing about this site is; its user interface that makes users to feel comfortable while creating animated GIFs. The MemeCenter’s GIFMaker permits you to add extra text and brush strokes into your GIF to offer it a more adapted touch.


GIF images are in very much demand in the market, for good images organizations pay good amount to the creator. For any sites, specially animated sites images speak and present the site, so that, clarity and quality is very much important when we upload GIF images on websites.

To create quality GIF images, go to all above free websites as per your requirement and enjoy your stuffs.

Updated on: 23-Oct-2019


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