“Forests are our lifeline.” Write five sentences on this topic.

AcademicChemistryNCERTClass 7

Forests are a very important renewable natural resource. They are useful in the following ways :
(i) Plants in forest purify air by absorbing Carbon dioxide and releasing Oxygen and also maintain a balance between Oxygen and Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
(ii) Plants in the forest absorb water from the soil through their roots and release it into the air by the process of transpiration which increases the amount of water vapour in the air, helps in cloud formation and rainfall. Thus, forests play an important role in the water cycle operating on the earth.
(iii) Forests provide us with various products such as wood, gum, medicines fruits, latex, etc.
(iv) The roots of trees in the forest bind the soil particles together which helps in preventing soil erosion. Moreover, the raindrops do not fall directly on the forest floor with full force due to the presence of plants in different layers in a forest which prevents flooding.
(v) Forests help in maintaining the water table by harvesting the rainwater.
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