How to Write Strong Transitions and Transitional Sentences


Transitional words play important role in English communication with the amalgamation of two sentences. They give the text or paragraph a coherent structure as well as help in conveying information clearly. They also establish logical connections between the ideas or the thoughts. The words of transition are used for giving links between words, phrases or sentences. These words or sentences help the listeners to continue with the idea that the writers are trying to present.

Transitions in Writing

A paragraph's beginning is considered the ideal place for a transition sentence. The place is perfect because one can explain the relevant information in this place. The transitional sentences help in introducing the topic of the paragraph. It helps in giving an idea about the whole section.

The transitional sentences mainly express the transitions between the thoughts that help in linking them together. Therefore, it is seen that these kinds of sentences show the relationship between two or more ideas. They work like a bridge and make connections with different sections of the work. Thus, it is proven that a good transition sentence makes a relationship between the ideas.

The strong transitional phrases or words are mentioned below −

  • However
  • In contrast
  • Despite this
  • Nonetheless
  • Likewise
  • Just as
  • On the other hand.

How to Write a Transition Sentence?

Transitions are called the key to making connections between the parts of a text. Various transitions are seen and there are situations for using them. It is seen that there are mainly three types of transitions as well as transitional structures.

They are

  • A transition between paragraphs - generally a phrase starting a sentence

  • A transition within a paragraph - generally a single word followed by a comma.

  • A transition to a new part of the writing - often this includes a small paragraph but is at minimum a sentence.

There are several steps for writing and effective transition and the first step is in determining what is being transitioned. The situation is important for determining what kind of transitional phases or words will be used. The list of steps is presented below.

Step Action Explanation
Step No. 1 Understand the type of transition. Recognising whether the transition is placed between sections, within paragraphs, or between paragraphs.
Step No. 2 Fix the relationship. Understand what kind of transition will be suitable for the parts.
Step No. 3 Finding the proper words that describe the relationship. Transition is important if the parts present contrast, addition, and complement, as well as an explanation.
Step No. 4 The sentence begins with a transition. Present the phrase or word of transition at starting of the sentence.
Step No. 5 Presentation of the rest of the sentence. The rest of the sentence mainly indicates what will be discussed in the rest section.
Step No. 6 Understands the flow by reading each part. The smooth flow of the transition presents the connection between the ideas as well as concepts.

Need for Transition Sentences

The transition sentences are called the most important sentences used in English communication or writing. They help in the smooth transition between the thoughts or ideas within a text or paragraph. The use of those sentences or words assists in making complete sense. It is referred to as a link between sections or ideas.

The transition sentences present the continuation of a thought that is discussed before. It can be a word, phrase, or sentence, or a group of sentences that relates to different ideas for making connections. The writers present their ideas in their pieces of work through the presentation of transition words as well as sentences.

The importance is presented below −

  • They create a logical relation between paragraphs, sentences, and ideas as well as sections of writing. They help in understanding the paragraph as well as the sentences of the readers.

  • They give directions and work like stepping stones to a piece of paper of works of a writer.

  • The use of these sentences makes the sentences abrupt, and jumpy, as well as less choppy and helps in maintaining the organizational flow.

  • They create an explicit connection between the paragraph as well as ideas.

  • The application of specific words is seen for avoiding the pronouns such as this.


Transition words, as well as sentences, have their own importance and they provide a natural flow to the text. They create links between two or more ideas and give a smooth flow of thoughts through the ideas. The application of the words decreases expression complexity and helps the readers to go through the text without facing complications. A logical relationship is placed between the ideas or the paragraph through the use of those words. Some example includes at the same time, whereas, despite, and in reality.


Q1. What are the types of transition?

Ans. There are three types of transitions that are seen in expressing different linkages. The types are Transitions between sections, Transitions between paragraphs, and Transitions within paragraphs. All of them are helpful for the readers to understand the linkage between the ideas.

Q2. What do the transition words do?

Ans. The transition words play important role in the communication as well as the writing of English. They assist in the amalgamation of two or more sentences for giving the texts a coherent structure. These words help in conveying clear information as well as logical connections between the sentences.

Q3. What are the examples of transition words or phrases?

Ans. Some examples of these kinds of phases or words are in the meantime, during, after, to begin with, formerly, without delay, meanwhile, therefore, henceforth, in other words. Some others are to demonstrate, explicitly, amidst and many more.

Updated on: 04-Jan-2023


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