For making a cake, baking powder is taken. If at home, your mother uses baking soda instead of baking powder in cake,
(a) how will it affect the taste of the cake and why?
(b) how can baking soda be converted into baking powder?
(c) what is the role of tartaric acid added to baking soda?

AcademicChemistryNCERTClass 10

(a) If we use baking soda instead of baking powder taste of the cake will taste bitter. On heating baking soda, sodium carbonate will be formed, which makes the cake taste bitter.
$2NaHCO_3 + Heat \rightarrow Na_2CO_3 + CO_2 + H_2O$

(b) Baking soda can be converted into baking powder by adding an edible weak acid like tartaric acid.

(c) When tartaric acid is dissolved in water, it gives out Hydrogen ions. Hydrogen ions react with Sodium Carbonate to produce carbon dioxide, which will make the cake fluffy.
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