What are the signs and symptoms you should look for after the baby's birth?

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If your baby is unwell or distressed, take him/her to an experienced pediatrician for the immediate medical help!

When To Seek Medical Help

  • Jaundice: If your baby's nails, chest, eyes or body seems yellow in color, take your newborn to the doctor immediately.

  • Breathing Problems: If your baby is having breathing problems or his/her breathing becomes irregular or rapid, do not delay going to the hospital.

  • Breathing Is Noisy: If your newborn is having difficulty breathing or his/her breathing is noisy when they are not crying.

  • Problems with Bowel Movements: If your baby does not show any movement for 2-3 days after his/her birth, the baby may have problems with bowel movements.

  • Changes In Skin Color: If the skin color of your baby turns blue or becomes very pale, seek medical help immediately.

  • Fever: If your baby has a temperature over 37 degrees C.

  • Dehydration: Your newborn could be dehydrated if she/he soils the diaper more than three times, he/she has a dry mouth or she/he is sleeping too much.

  • Choking: If your baby suddenly starts coughing and has not been unwell, he/she may be choking. If the choking is sudden, take your baby to the doctor straight away.

  • Tiredness: If they seem extremely tired.

  • Food and Drink Refusal: This should always be a cause for concern.

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