Fatigue in the Second Trimester

After the stress in the first trimester, you should find relief in the second trimester. If fatigue continues in the second trimester, what could be the reasons? Adequate nourishment, ample sleep, and light exercise may be neglected. Talk it over with the doctor. Don’t forget that every pregnancy is different.

  • The little one constantly grows and food consumption needs to increase. Maybe 6 small meals each day will sustain energy levels. Go for iron-rich foods and proteins. Whole grains are good. Think red meat, poultry, seafood, and leafy greens, among others. Include fruits, vegetables, eggs, and nuts regularly. If anemia causes fatigue, extra iron will help.

  • Rest and sleep enough. Regular hours of sleeping and waking are best. Don’t oversleep. Maybe 8 hours of quality sleep will suffice. If lacking in energy during the day, more rest will help. Nap in the afternoon. Think of the budding human all the time.

  • Exercise brings an energy lift even during pregnancy. Aim for regular mild exercises like walking in the park amidst the flowers and greenery. Avoid leg cramps. Fresh air and Vitamin D come from the outdoors. Moods improve.

Coping with Exhaustion During Pregnancy

The body and mind are certainly stressed and the result is tiredness.

Hydration helps to energize during the day with lots of water and fruit juices. Taper them in the evening and at dinner. Find a comfy sleeping position. Sleep on the left side so that the baby and the organs receive blood. Keep the head high. Let pillows support the body at the back and beneath the tummy.

Physical Changes in the Second Trimester

After overcoming energy deficiencies at least partially, the second trimester will be nice. Find solutions to small problems and look forward to better days. What further is likely to happen?

  • The belly swells along with the uterus. Breasts gradually enlarge too.

  • Mild Braxton Hicks contractions are felt in the abdomen. They happen mostly in the afternoons or evenings after physical activity. They are not regular. If they are regular and getting stronger, contact the doctor. It might be preterm labor.

  • Hormonal changes in pregnancy include an increase in skin melanin. Darker skin appears on the face as brown patches. The abdomen may have a dark line. These are common but temporary. Don’t expose much to the sun. Stretch marks appear on the breasts, buttocks, and thighs. They may be black, reddish, or purple. They fade.

  • A white or clear sticky discharge normally appears at the vaginal opening. If painful, itching, or sore, contact the doctor. It might result from a vaginal infection.

  • Urinary tract infections also usually occur. Pain during urination and cloudy, strong-smelling urine might be a UTI. Neglecting it raises the danger of a kidney infection.

  • The greater blood volume produced may result in bleeding mucous membranes. A stuffy and bleeding nose may occur. Go for a saline rinse. Stay hydrated. Use a humidifier. Moisten the sensitive skin areas with petroleum jelly.

  • You need more dental care. Gums get more stressed too during brushing and flossing and may bleed a little bit. Use a soft toothbrush. Rinse with saltwater. Vomiting destroys teeth enamel and leads to cavities. Take care.

  • Feeling faint is common because of changes in circulation. Just lie down on the side. Avoid standing for too long. Move body positions slowly and carefully. Stay well hydrated with fluids.

  • Being physically active and stretching calf muscles at bedtime may prevent leg cramps. Wear soft and comfy shoes. Warm baths and ice massages help relieve the pain.

Second-trimester Emotional Changes

Hopefully, energy deficiency issues have been successfully addressed. Now it is back to preparations for welcoming the little one. Check out some childbirth and breastfeeding classes online. If a working mother-to-be, check out the available childcare options.

What waits in the third trimester?

Get prepared for greater tiredness after the second trimester. The little one is getting bigger and the bump too. Sleep may be disturbed by bathroom breaks. Anxiety may increase as well as back pain.

Could Fatigue have a Different Reason?

Avoid undue worry amidst a stressful pregnancy. In the absence of iron, anemia could cause fatigue. Blood tests to check iron levels would reveal the truth. Get the supplements accordingly. Is it antenatal depression with sadness and lacking in interest? Pregnancy depression is common and arises due to hormonal changes.

Try to accept the fact that exhaustion is quite normal during the pregnancy months that seem to stretch for an eternity. Along with the body, the mind is also stretched to its limits. Yet, the anticipation of a new member of the family should keep negative thoughts at bay. Get the home ready for the new arrival on the way. Get ample rest and nutrition, stay well hydrated and get some regular simple exercise.

Updated on: 24-Apr-2023


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