Fashion Accessory: Meaning And Significance

Fashion Accessory: Meaning And Significance

Fashion, which is largely associated with clothing and dress designs, does not come all alone, but is always associated with certain accessories, which are also covered under fashion design. Such accessories, though small in size and do not take much space, but are fundamental elements of fashion design in terms of enhancing the overall look and giving a complete look to a person. Interestingly, clothing and accessories, which are equally important because they together create balance and give an attractive and unique identity to an individual.

What is the Meaning of Fashion Accessory?

Fashion accessories, which are the essential elements of fashion, play a secondary role to the wearer’s outfit, without which, definitely an individual's outfit is incomplete.

Each accessory has significant importance and gives a unique look to the respective person and reflects his or her style. For example, belts, goggles, jewelry, watches, footwear, bangles, etc., every item has its own look and identity and, based on that, enhances the look of the wearer. These accessories give completeness to fashion, which ultimately expresses style and individuality.

Fashion analysts and forecasters give importance to accessories and predict it as the most essential aspect of fashion. According to them, accessories make style more classic. In fact, many times, if accessories are chosen wisely, they make even odd or dull-looking dresses very attractive. However, as per the fashion experts, it is not an easy task, as choosing the right, suitable, and matching accessories, which are essentially based on the wearer’s physical look and the dress bought to wear, needs a deeper aesthetic sense. Wearing anything with anything does not make sense. Each accessory enhances the looks and identity of the wearer, provided it is chosen wisely.

Interestingly, accessories may contrast or coordinate, but in both the conditions, they always complement each other and enhance the look of the wearer. Sometimes, the clothing, such as formal suits, is so nicely designed that it fits on the wearer’s body and gives a complete look, but even then, the presence of a black leather belt, leather shoes, and sunglasses for men; and, sandals, simple designed earrings, and a thin necklace for women, make the outfit complete and eye-catching.

The most interesting part about fashion accessories is that it is not at all a new idea to wear or have accessories along with nicely designed clothing, but rather it has been there right from the beginning. There is several evidence, as at many old civilizations’ sites, archaeologists found classic jewelries, which people in the ancient period had been wearing fashion accessories.

Types of Fashion Accessories

Broadly, fashion accessories are classified into:

  • Wearable Accessories: those people wear and

  • Carriable Accessories: those people carry with them.

Wearable Accessories

Usually, wearable accessories include:

  • Shoes,
  • Boots,
  • Belts,
  • Scarves,
  • Shawls,
  • Stockings,
  • Ties,
  • Gloves,
  • Jewelry,
  • Stockings,
  • Watch,
  • Hat/Cape, etc.

Carriable Accessories

Carriable accessories, usually include:

  • Hand bag,
  • Wallet,
  • Purse,
  • Handkerchiefs, etc.


Likewise, the type of accessories that an individual chooses to wear or carry with himself or herself to increase his or her overall look or give oneself the complete look, has some rules and it is determined by a few factors, such as the wearer’s body type, body structure, body color, height, hair type (straight or curly), face type, and what type of dress he or she wears. In addition to this, these accessories are also determined by the occasions where the wearer wants to go. For example, if the wearer is going to participate in a festival ceremony or going to a club or night party, the accessory types must be decided accordingly. Moreover, wearers’ cultural and religious background also play an important role in determining the type of accessories.


Updated on: 13-Oct-2022

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