Explain in what way noise pollution is harmful to human.

To do:

We have to explain in what way noise pollution is harmful to humans.


Noise pollution:

Noise is known as the unwanted or unpleasant sound in our surroundings. Noise pollution is very dangerous to humans and many health problems are experienced due to noise pollution in our surroundings. Sound vehicles, factory machines ad tools, Hight volume of TV and musical instruments, busting crackers, sirens, horns, etc. are the major sources of noise pollution.

Harmful effects of noise pollution to humans:

Noise pollution is harmful to humans in the following ways:

1. Noise pollution can cause a disturbance in our sleep.

2. Noise pollution can cause a person to lose concentration in his work.

3. Noise pollution can cause temporary or permanent loss of hearing.

4. Noise pollution can cause hypertension (high BP).

5. Noise pollution can cause irritation and headache.

6. Noise pollution can cause dizziness and fatigue.

Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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