What is the difference between noise and music? Can music become noise sometimes?

To do:

We have to differentiate between noise and music and we have to explain whether music can become noise sometimes.


Let us see the difference between the notice and music:

Noise is more irregular. 
Musical sounds are periodic and somewhat regular. 
Unpleasant sound is often described as noise. 
Musical sound produces a pleasant effect on the ears.
Noise is produced by machines in a factory, a moving train, etc.
It is produced by musical instruments, such as sitar, piano, etc.
When looking at the waveform, a visual representation of sound, noise is jagged and sporadic.
When looking at the waveform, a visual representation of sound, music has more patterns and gradual variances in volume.

Music becomes noisy sometimes:

They are pleasing to hear and soothing to the mind, and sound has been one of the greatest forms of expression since the beginning of time. What is or is not auditory "noise" often depends on who is listening. Tapping a pencil on a desk may be rhythmic and musical to someone, but an irritating noise to another. 


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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