Erection Problems? This Habit May Be Why

Pornography has been common for centuries via pictures and art, various media forms, and is now abundantly available online. Internet porn is easily available and for free. It spread vehemently from 2008 onwards and has now reached a zenith. Several surveys and research indicate that even young men suffer from erectile dysfunction and porn has been mainly responsible. Maybe as many as 33% of young men suffer from ED. Though it is a subject not normally discussed, it is too big a problem to ignore.

A Barrier to Successful Sex

Erection problems result in a flaccid penis or a partially erect penis that cannot complete the sex action and end in orgasm and release of sperm. The impact of excessive porn interferes with normal sex lives. Just like any other addiction, the consumption of porn steadily increases from a few minutes to hours. The result is that greater stimulation becomes needed and the life partner gets pushed to the background.

Sex Education From Porn?

Some authorities believe that intimate couples could learn a lesson or two from porn. Sex remains shrouded in mystery in early life except for biology lessons in school. Youth is when most couples come together in love matches or arranged marriages. The man-woman relationship depicted in porn helps get rid of hesitations and apprehensions on the subject of sex and gather confidence. Loving the body is essential to productive sex and it is a complex subject.

What Exactly Happens in Erection Problems?

The blood supply to the penis diminishes and an erection becomes impossible. Even if an erection occurs, it cannot be sustained long enough for penetrative sex. Gradually, interest in sexual activity declines, and low self-esteem could result.

The Dark Side of Porn

Research reveals that smart kids in their teens somehow reach adult internet sites and get a dose of porn early in life. Parental supervision does not seem to be very effective. One can imagine what sort of impact porn would have on young minds. Will they start imitating what they see? Even adults get spoiled with all the bizarre and kinky sex acts on porn sites. A kind of sport with sex toys that form a huge industry, it may suit very modern societies. Conservative societies would frown upon such depictions of uninhibited sex.

Routine Causes of Erection Dysfunction

Aging, blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, side effects of drugs, and stress are usually cited as the leading ED causes. So, it has been for generations. Only in recent decades has the danger of internet digital files from a billion-dollar porn industry wreaked havoc in intimate sex lives. Despite efforts to control porn traffic by banning porn websites like in China, the industry continues to boom. Add the millions who practice prostitution and it is truly a mind-boggling evil flesh trade that throws good morals out of the window.

Figures Talk Better and Louder

Whatever the causes, pornography or otherwise, 322 million men may become victims of erectile dysfunction by 2025.

In 2012, a study indicates that ED affects 30 million men in America. According to a 2019 study, 1 in 10 men faces such a problem during a lifetime. Studying 8 countries in 2004, America showed the largest cases of self-admitted ED cases at 22%. Spain showed the lowest rate at 10%.

According to the age factor, elders are more vulnerable, and men beyond 40 years stand at greater risk. Comparatively, young men suffer less but the percentage increased rapidly now under the onslaught of online porn. Recent surveys cite 26% of ED sufferers under 40 years. Earlier, it was thought that 5% to 10% men below 40 years suffered from ED.

Porn Impacts the Brain

The duration of porn-watching may not be the only factor. The kind of porn matters too. Playboy magazine showed soft porn of titillating pictures of scantily dressed women. In comparison, much of online porn concerns graphic and violent content. Strange and weird sex positions change attitudes and thoughts about sex. Impractical ideas of sex gradually develop.

The porn effects resemble the intoxication that follows alcohol. Worries about sex performance take root. Matching up with those mighty porn standards becomes a dream. Bigger doses and longer durations like the increased drug and alcohol intake seems the solution. Routine sex lives and the partner’s body do not seem interesting by comparison. Brain chemicals change with now greater expectations. The make-believe world of porn dramatizes everything like the body parts and the duration of the sex act.

Hidden dangers of ED

Stressed relationships with near and dear ones along with depression could result from excessive porn and ED. Sex lives suffer and intimacy is lost. Medical treatments and counseling help break the addiction and restore normalcy but it might be an uphill battle.

  • ED patients face thrice the dangers of depression compared to normal men.

  • Depressed men face a 39% higher chance of ED. Those suffering from ED face a 192% higher risk of depression.

  • Couples that cannot conceive face ED in 1 of 4 cases.

  • Men with ED face twice the risk of strokes and heart attacks as normal men.

How to beat porn addiction

Breaking the habit is essential for one of the partners if it is a marriage issue. Individually, a positive approach should work. Though it seems impossible like any addiction, a slow and steady escape is possible. Some believe that it can be done just like snapping the fingers with instant withdrawal.

  • A sex therapist helps by restoring confidence and reminding you that facing problems is a must. The therapy works slowly but is effective. Stop finding shelter online amidst nakedness.

  • Abstain from porn for some days. Watch the changes like better connecting with persons rather than machines. Take a holiday from every digital device, maybe with a vacation in the countryside.

  • Avoid frequent porn with software that stops adult content.

  • Write an assignment about how it all started. What do you enjoy about it? What are the problems related to porn? What complications can porn lead to with the job, spouse, and kids? Read through it carefully and give it deep thought.

Mistakes About Diets

Sex life should sizzle with stamina and will in the absence of certain foods. Avoid unhealthy fats. Sugar reduces libido. Aim for ample exercise. Drink caffeinated coffee. Don’t overdo the alcohol. Don’t eat excessively. Avoid going completely vegan. Smaller meals with protein, carbs and fiber are better.

Porn addiction can be beaten, one step at a time. First comes the decision. Talk it over with a partner or a therapist and make a beginning. Do research online. Escape is coming, gradually maybe at first.

Updated on: 29-Mar-2023


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