Endomorph Diet: Food List, Sample Menu, Benefits

The concept of body type was proposed by Dr. W.H. Sheldon, where he explained that humans have three different body types which include Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. Ectomorphs are the people with less body fat, mesomorphs come under the fit category while endomorphs are the people with loose skin with more body fat. Since endomorphs tend to have more body fat they deal with problems related to body weight. Their slow metabolism is the main reason behind this problem.

Every body type should follow a different balanced diet for the proper functioning of the body. A person with an endomorphic body type should follow an Endomorph Diet.

What is an Endomorph Diet?

The main reason for following a diet plan is to keep the body fit. A person with an endomorphic body type should follow a diet plan which could deal with the slow metabolism because this slow metabolism leads to the conversion of the excess amount of calories into fats.

If you have an endomorph body type, it can be challenging to lose weight and maintain healthy body composition. However, with the right diet and exercise plan, it is possible to achieve your weight loss goals. So, a strict dietary plan should be followed that consists of several balanced options.

Features of food items that should be included −

  • Treat obesity and reduce immoderate fat.

  • Handling metabolism of the body.

Let’s create a food list where we can find all the food items which can be eaten during the endomorph diet.

List of Foods

This food list focuses on decreasing the calorie consumption for an endomorph person. For this, we need a diet mixed with proteins, low carbohydrate food, and healthy fats −

Fruits and Vegetables Meat and Dairy Products Grains and Seeds
Tomatoes Salmon Brown rice
Spinach Chicken Almonds
Apple Egg Oats
Berries Yoghurt Pistachio
Pears Milk Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds

Food items with a higher content of sugar (ice creams, cookies, etc), fast food, high-fat content food (burgers, pizza, chips), and white rice should be avoided. Alcohol should also be avoided.  

Now, that we know what should be eaten and what shouldn't be, let’s create a one-week sample menu. Let’s start with Monday, consider it the first day of the diet plan. Obviously, you can manage the dates according to your own plans. You can make preferences based on your health too this is a general idea which can help you in maintaining your body shape as well as your health.

Monday (Day One)

  • Breakfast − one egg omelette + onions + spinach + tomatoes

  • Snack − fruit or protein shake

  • Lunch − include salads of chicken / salmon + beans + olive oil + tomatoes + bell peppers

  • Dinner − Broccoli + fish + cauliflower

Tuesday (Day Two)

  • Breakfast − Smoothies/yogurt

  • Snack − veggies or fruits

  • Lunch − Brown rice + turkey + avocado toast

  • Dinner − pan fry mushrooms + rice with sautéed cauliflower over it

Wednesday (Day Three)

  • Breakfast − one egg omelette + onions + spinach + tomatoes / coddled egg + avocado

  • Snack − Carrots + peanut butter/protein shake

  • Lunch − Sweet potatoes + veggies + Quinoa

  • Dinner − vegetable soup + chicken

Thursday (Day Four)

  • Breakfast − Smoothie (almond milk) + blueberries

  • Snack − protein bar

  • Lunch − lentil salad + tomatoes + raw vegetables + olives

  • Dinner − Salmon + mushrooms sautéed + boiled broccoli

Friday (Day Five)

  • Breakfast − Scrambled eggs with veggies

  • Snack − Carrots + peanut butter/protein shake

  • Lunch − Brown rice + Turkey + avocado toast

  • Dinner − vegetable soup + chicken

Saturday (Day Six)

  • Breakfast − yogurt + avocado toast

  • Snack − fruit or protein shake

  • Lunch − grilled chicken + vegetable soup with beans

  • Dinner − pan fry mushrooms + rice with sautéed cauliflower over it

Sunday (Day Seven)

  • Breakfast − cottage cheese + sprinkled cinnamon + almonds

  • Snack − protein bar

  • Lunch − Kale salad with olive oil + salmon + bell peppers + cucumber

  • Dinner − Shrimp + veggies (grilled) + cauliflower rice

The benefits one can feel after working on a strict plan are many, you will feel the changes and be healthier.

Endomorph Diet: Advantages

Here are the advantages of being on an Endomorph diet −

  • Insulin sensitivity can be upgraded since insulin plays a vital role in processing carbohydrates. If the insulin is maintained, it will help in maintaining the blood glucose levels and provide you with more filtered carbs.

  • Losing body fat is one of the major purposes of adopting an endomorph diet.

  • It also helps in maintaining blood pressure which is more likely to be high in people with an endomorphic body type.

  • Decreases the chance of cardiovascular diseases since it requires a low-carb diet.

  • The presence of more fruits and vegetables in the endomorph diet also improves skin health that is it makes the skin more glowing.

Dieting with a little workout can also improve the slow metabolism which is a problem with the endomorph body type.

Updated on: 27-Feb-2023


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