Nonlinear Wave Shapping


Along with resistors, the non-linear elements like diodes are used in nonlinear wave shaping circuits to get required altered outputs. Either the shape of the wave is attenuated or the dc level of the wave is altered in the Non-linear wave shaping.

The process of producing non-sinusoidal output wave forms from sinusoidal input, using non-linear elements is called as nonlinear wave shaping.

Clipper Circuits

A Clipper circuit is a circuit that rejects the part of the input wave specified while allowing the remaining portion. The portion of the wave above or below the cut off voltage determined is clipped off or cut off.

The clipping circuits consist of linear and non-linear elements like resistors and diodes but not energy storage elements like capacitors. These clipping circuits have many applications as they are advantageous.

  • The main advantage of clipping circuits is to eliminate the unwanted noise present in the amplitudes.

  • These can work as square wave converters, as they can convert sine waves into square waves by clipping.

  • The amplitude of the desired wave can be maintained at a constant level.

Among the Diode Clippers, the two main types are positive and negative clippers. We will discuss these two types of clippers in the next two chapters.