Electrical Safety - Transformer Safety

Transformers are a major source of power supply to any industry.

The conversion of voltage level can cause serious damage to a person or to the nearby area if not kept under tight protection measures. It is the duty of safety inspector to run the following condition assessments on the transformer with the following checklist −

Main transformer inspection check list

Task Yes No N/A Comments
Main Tank
Paint System in Good condition
Rust Observed
Tank grounds in Good condition
Conduits and fittings secure
External core ground provider
Oil Leakage observed
Cooling system
Radiator or cooler fins cleaned
All valves to main tank open and secure
All fins in place and operational
All oil pumps in place and operational
Oil flow indicators function properly
Excessive vibration or noise observed
Leaking of oil if any
Oil Preservation
Positive pressure of inert gas
Proper setting of regulator of Nitrogen blanket
Correct pressure check of gas blanket
All clean and zero defect
Proper check of oil levels
Oil leakage if any
De-energized tap changer (DETC)
Location of Position indicator tap
Locking mechanism checked
Load Tap Changer (LTC)
Location of Position indicator tap
Silica gel breather
Oil leakage if any
Control Cabinet
Connections/components in good condition
Weather tight seals checked
Strip heaters checked
Protective devices
Oil Temp indicator reading
Oil Temp indicator set points
Winding Temp indicator reading
Winding Temp indicator set points
Buchholtz relay alarm/trip
Gas detector alarm/trip