Electrical Safety - Motor Handling Safety

Majority of unintentional injuries today are caused by motor accidents. Equipment users in a high-energy environment suffer from severe hazards, when no effective precautions are adhered to. Given the multitude of the risks involved, it is important for users to apply and follow safety practices. There are various factors that lead to such accidents - alcohol influence, inexperienced drivers, absence of seatbelts or the disturbance caused by toddlers. These factors need to be addressed separately. Averting motor injuries would mean taking safety measures for different types of vehicles.

Safety for single phase motors

Single-phase motors include all those devices the output power of which is approximately 1 Horse Power (1HP). A single-phase motor is widely used for domestic applications such as washing machines, electric toys, fans, blowers among other devices. In order to ensure the safety of these devices, it is important to take the following precautions −

  • Constant troubleshooting to establish whether the features in the single face motors devices are working properly.

  • Conduct a proper inspection of the motor winding.

  • Perform a power supply test to determine whether there is any problem by the motor.

  • Do not leave a short-circuited battery for long because it would eventually explode.

  • Do not power the motors beyond 12 volts.

Safety for 2 phase motors

Before you start working on 2-phase motors, ensure you observe all the basic guidelines for safety. The lack of adhering to safety precautions often result in injuries like shock, fire or personal injuries. Some of the safety precautions include the following −

  • Persons not having the knowledge of operation should not be allowed to the working areas where 2-phase motors are operating.

  • Always remember to wear goggles to ensure safety of your eyes.

  • Never leave a motor to operate unattended.

Safety for 3 phase motors

Three-phase motors comprise of heavy industrial machines. The machines require high voltage to operate them, hence extreme measures ought to be taken to prevent accidental injuries that may be hazardous in nature. Before you operate on these machines, ensure you wear safety gears such as gloves, boots and ear masks to safeguard yourself against harmful effects.

Taking safety measures while operating motors is an important aspect since it ensures the safety of the person working on it. Therefore, extreme care has to be taken by the safety officer. Motor users should wear all necessary safety equipment required for preventing any fault. Adhering to these measures helps in detecting abnormalities.