Does a person really find true happiness within himself?

It is said that “If You are alone and bored, You are in a bad company.” What does it mean?

Being with yourself should be really amusing and interesting because happiness is within you. If you are not happy with yourselves and trying to find it in the outside world, believe me, you can never be happy.

Who is the Reason?

Remember how we used to be, you, me and all of us when we were children? Happy, playful, cheerful in our own world. Right? It is the way we actually are meant to be. Happiness should increase with age. But it is getting reversed. We are becoming worried and unhappy with growing age.

The wants, situations, likes, dislikes etc. are all responsible for our deflections. Whenever we find that we are being happy, we immediately assume there is something like music, a park, a friend, or a movie which made us happy. But those were all there, even when you were sad.

In the same way, the reasons for your sadness, as you think they are, were also there before. It’s you who gave them the title, “reason for happiness or reason for sadness”. It’s always you who felt so.

Where is it?

Then, where is the real happiness? From where can we get happiness?

It is there, always within you. Relating ourselves to the circumstances lead to happiness or unhappiness. If you can try to understand that doing your duty by being loyal to yourself and expecting nothing in return, can always leave you at the door of happiness. It’s all yours. A person can always find happiness, peace, and love within himself. Because we are made so.

Let us try to explore the happiness within ourselves with no strings attached.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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